Monday, May 07, 2007

I did this page for Derik because I think he gets shortchanged sometimes in the pages I do. The little ones are always up to such antics and hamming it up for the camera that I tend to grab those photos to scrap and forget that there is a lot going on in my older Grandson's life.

I was so thrilled when he decided to start playing baseball and tried out for the school team, then I was heartbroken when he got cut. One of life's hard lessons to learn. When you're 14 and just starting you have a lot of competition from those that have been playing since they were old enough to hold a bat and catch a ball.

I was even more proud of him when he didn't let that get him down but instead joined Babe Ruth. It hasn't been a picnic, it's a lot to learn and get a feel for. But I loved this picture that was taken at the first game, first time up to back and he makes it to first base. Truthfully I don't know if he made it further or not. Being an 'away' Grandma I sometimes don't hear it all, but I get joy in seeing it in the photos that are sent my way.

I was thrilled Gotta Pixel picked my layout as layout of the day! It means a lot to know your peers think that you're doing a good job. Thanks Gotta Pixel!

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