Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Honeymoon with the Mouse!

Glenda Ketcham from Digitals has the greatest line of Disney Kits entitled The Most Wonderful Place on Earth. While looking through Amber and Bryan's Disney Honeymoon pictures one day I decided to send Glenda a note and ask if she'd ever thought of doing a Honeymoon kit. I sent her a couple of the kids pics with the Veil and Top Hat. Well Glenda has finished the kit entitled
The Most Wonderful Place on Earth: Mouse Vows
It's super!!!! Even if you're pics aren't wedding ones there are so many neat elements and papers in it that it'd work for a multitude of photos. I sure hope you'll check her stuff out at Digitals.

I plan on doing more so check back if you want to see the progress of the continuing Honeymoon Book!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Word Art

I really love word art and how it can make a page pop. This is still Maddy's Deer set (set II) and I loved this background she made so much that I finally just kept playing until I came up with this word art (with my own thoughts). What do you think???

Wyoming Wildlife

Here are a few of the pages I've gotten done about our recent trip to Yellowstone and the animals there. We had a few glitches in our travel plans, I guess that's what makes the memories more special huh? But all in all it was a wonderful time and a place we would return to in a heartbeat. I've a couple more pages to do on the animals and I'll post them as soon as I'm done. There's just so many fabulous shots that I want to scrap it could fill a book all on this trip alone!

For these pages I've used Maddy Fernandez's As The Deer Page Set, Maddy sells at Digitals, please check out her store!

Journaling on the Deer page reads:
The animals of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons were in abundance when we visited. We saw these deer on three different occasions.

The top photo was taken in the fields and marsh directly in front of Jackson Lake Lodge. At first I saw two ‘somethings’ off in the distance. I was trying to point them out to Paul, thinking they were some type of signs, but why signs way out there? About the time this thought crossed my mind they moved! After refocusing my eyes I realized what I was looking at were Elk. Scanning the fields we spotted this herd to the East. Just munching their way through the grasses. I’ve grown up with deer and Elk in our backyard in Washington State, but this was like a stage production just put on for our benefit, although I’m sure these guys would beg to differ.

The middle photo was taken on the day we took the tour through Yellowstone. Actually this guy was across the stream but with the wonder of telephoto lens he came full to life in print. He was so beautiful, just like a picture postcard just oblivious to all us tourists angling for just the right shot of him.

The bottom photo was taken on our way to Jackson, just past the airport. The mule deer were right alongside the roadway. I wonder if the people of Jackson Hole ever get used to animals always within their view, I can’t imagine not being struck by their beauty each time you see them. I loved these guys, with their soft floppy ears they looked like they could be a best friend, not animals of nature.

Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons
exactly the right spot to see nature at it’s best!

Journaling on Bison page:
On Tour in Yellowstone we stopped to see the Thermal hot spots. Just as we got off the van and rounded the corner here was this Bison taking an afternoon siesta! They are huge animals, close to six feet at the shoulder and easily close to or over 2000 lbs.

This one looks peaceful doesn’t he? Well the ranger was close at hand with hand on the pepper spray strapped to her leg. We stopped and chatted with her a while. She said it makes her real uneasy when the Bison decide to venture so close. Mind you there were lots and lots of people, including a lot of small children, wandering around.

I think because of their appearance you have the feeling they are slow and dumb. Quite the contrary. We were told they can jump a 4 to 6’ high fence with barely any running distance. And are equal competitors to short distance Olympic sprinters. It upped our respect of them a lot!

Journaling on the Moose Page:
On the back of Jackson Lake Lodge is a viewing area. You can sit and have breakfast or coffee in the morning or wander out any time of the day to sit on the benches and see if you spot animals in the grass and marshlands leading up to the Lake. On this particular morning we spotted this moose just running across. It’s the first time I’d ever seen a moose up close or far away. I was excited!

The day we took the raft trip down the Snake River the youngest guy aboard (he was 7) spotted the Moose in the upper photo just grazing beside the River as we floated by. He was much much closer than the first. I think I was struck by how large he was! We were told by several of the guides that they have ‘strong’ personalities! I’m glad we weren’t any closer!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

4th of July 2008

I was just notified that this page was picked as

All four of my Grandkids on the 4th of July.
It's fun to be home and enjoying Kids, Grandkids, Family and Friends!
It'll be hard to leave in a few days, but I'll go with a smile and a happy heart
filled with all kinds of new memories of these kids.
Nothing can be better than the smile of a grandchild.

Zoie told her Mom the best Holiday was 4th of July
because Grandma Patti and Paul came home then to watch fireworks,
amazing the things that are important to little ones.

Credits go to Silvia Romeo - American Romance
kit for the page of Zoie alone and with Pyper and
Lori Giles of Digital Scrapn for her Starz and Stripes

kit used for Eddie and Derik's pages.