Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nana's Garden

Here are two pages of my cousins, Marilyn and Dianne. Since they lived in California and I in Washington we grew up in different times and knew our Grandma (Nana) through different eyes. I found these pictures in ones from Grandma's albums but all I knew was who they were and the dates they were taken. I emailed my cousins asking what they remembered, if anything, at this time. Since Marilyn was only two when they were taken I wasn't surprised when she didn't remember but Dianne was six and her recollections were vivid. It was such a treasure to receive the email back with the journaling I shared on the second page. Wonderful memories of a lady we both loved so much and in such different times and surroundings.

This is Nana Coulter's garden on Virginia Street. I loved that house and garden and because I didn't want to lose the memory I have made a floor-plan and landscape drawings of it. So many wonderful memories. The photos are from Spring of 1938. Marilyn was a darling, auburn, curly haired little girl. She would have been about two years old, I am probably six. I do not know what happened to the garden chair. Nana had several (all painted dark green) One area (or garden rooms) had huge green hedges with lovely flower gardens in front of those. One side bordered a fantastic wooden arbor that divided the gardens down the middle of the property. It was always so green and cool, covered with vines and roses. The area with the chairs was shaded with trees from which your Father, Uncle Bill and Grandpa Coulter had hammocks. After Sunday dinner, they would "retire" to have their afternoon naps! This is where the photos are taken. I spent hours in that garden - I guess that's where my love of gardening started. As written by Dianne Steed

It was even more of a treat when I called and read what Dianne had shared with my Mom. Her comments made me smile. She went on to tell me about Grandma's house on Virgina Street and was surprised no one mentioned the fish pond Grandpa had made in the front yard. And the arbor Dianne speaks about, oh yes, did I know their wedding picture was taken under that arbor in Grandma's yard. No but I do now. More stories, more pages. Someday generations I have yet to meet, or will never meet, will look at my pages and get a feel for family long ago. What a wonder part of me to pass on. If you're just thinking about doing digital scrapbooking or journaling there is no better time than the present. It's a wonderful way to pass a part of you forward. And it's a wonderful way to let 'a little of the inside out'. Enjoy!

Both these pages were created using Lori Giles Pink Ladies Kit. I've tooted Lori's work over and over and I will continue to do so. Her things are so beautiful and this kit was so perfect for my Heritage pages. I hope you'll check her designs out at Digital Scrapn.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kiehl Girls

The large photo on the right is Clara and Bertha Kiehl, my Grandmother and Aunt.
Across the bottom left to right - Grandma
(the photo said 1910 a year before Momma was born)
middle is Aunt Bertha (Aunty)
Right is Grandma standing and I would think either Aunty or Aunt Annie.
All except the photo of Grandma alone would have been taken in Hastings Nebraska.

I used Lori Giles - Pink Ladies Kit at Digital Scrapn.
Pyper I was so worried when you started Soccer, that's what Grandma's do you know, worry about you guys. You are such a little mite, in size, not in enthusiasm! I was afraid all the other kids would just run over the top of you and leave you in their dust. Little did I know how fast those little legs could take you. With Daddy as your coach you're eager and excited and just ready to get back to the game each week.

When you call me you're so excited and happy and not the least bit hesitant as to whether you're having a ball or not. Daddy is so good at teaching you what sportsmanship is all about and how great you and the team are. What a great thing that is! You've even got to be goalie! WOW - What do Grandma's know huh?

All items used are from Cottage Arts. Please check it out for a listing of the kits used.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Swim Like A Fish

There are times when things just come together so good and I absolutely love this digi stuff. This page of Zoie was one of them. Julie Mead has created this great set of templates called
Devotion Artistic Templates at Cottage Arts.

I took one of the mats and merged Zoie's photo into it and it's so cool looking, or at least I think it is, it looks like she's swimming right into the page! I love all the little swirls and flourishes around it.

The journaling reads:
Oh Zoie Bear you just don't know how happy it makes my heart to see you having fun in water. Your Mommy was always so afraid and she's worked real hard to have you feel like a fish. From the looks of the grin on your face I think she succeeded!

I used 4 kits to create this page you can go to the gallery to get links to them all. Super cool stuff. And so much fun! Wow I just love Photo Shop!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

LOTD at 3Scrapateers

I made this page about my Aunt and Uncle and it was picked as LOTD at 3Srapateers.

The journaling on the page reads:

I only saw my Aunt and Uncle a few times but there are some people you just instantly love. Perhaps because of Uncle Ernie’s kind and teasing manner, or because Aunty Lil made me think so much of my beloved Grandma. I love hearing tidbits from my cousins who lived nearer to them and saw them often.. Cousin Marilyn wrote to me of Aunty Lil
“Aunt Lil was my favorite person, but not about looks. She would ask Glenn & I to dinner I think before we were married and had reached out to me a lot as a child. Spending the night, or playing dominos or visiting her church which had a great Sunday school with flannel board stories.”
Marilyn and I have talked often, I trying to glean glimpses of these people who are a part of me. When I gathered these photos for this page I smiled when I realized they are surrounded by flowers in each photo, so appropriate for they both loved them and as you can see from the photos of the yard and driveway with flowers cascading everywhere.

These were days when fashion and appearance were a large part of a woman’s makeup. Look at photo of Grandma and Aunty Lil above, both probably ready to go to church. Gloves in hand, sisters they were. The photo above of Uncle Ernie is just as I remember him as a child. Momma also talks of their flowers and how many they had around their home. Two people so destined to be together. They were truly the ex amp lo of true love.

I used Silvia Romeo's kit Romanza for it, such a beautiful kit. You can pick it up at 3Scrapateers or Digitals.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Deep in thought was how I caught Eddie as he played with his Game Boy Christmas afternoon.

I was just amazed at this little face for it was just the pose I'd seen his Grandpa Ed do many times before him. I think he was named just perfectly!

I used Head Over Heals by Amanda Thorderson from Digitals to make this page. You can get pieces of this kit for free by completing the February Designer's Element Challenge at Digitals

Sunday, February 10, 2008

We've Done it Again! - It's a Freebie for You!

Beth Rimmer's doing it again. She's offering you a free Quickpage I made for her from her new

Bootleg Alley Collection!

Pick up the Freebie on Beth's blog


(and I hope if you take and like you'll leave us a little love, who knows, there may be more coming down the road!)

Most importantly - Have Fun and Enjoy!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sweet Cakes!

My two darling granddaughters with a friend.

All papers and Elements designed by Lori Giles -
The Sweet Shoppe Elements and The Sweet Shoppe Paper Pak both at Digital Scrapn

Friday, February 01, 2008


I won the Layout Laissez-Faire at Digitals hosted by Diana Burton. She picked my Sow Kindness layout and I get to choose any kit in her collection at the Digitals store.

This month Layout Laissez-Faire is called Title It I hope you'll go on over to Digitals and try, it's so fun to step out and try something new and who knows maybe you'll be the lucky one this month! Diana has a fab website Here, hop on over and see if she has any surprises for you.