Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pyper I was so worried when you started Soccer, that's what Grandma's do you know, worry about you guys. You are such a little mite, in size, not in enthusiasm! I was afraid all the other kids would just run over the top of you and leave you in their dust. Little did I know how fast those little legs could take you. With Daddy as your coach you're eager and excited and just ready to get back to the game each week.

When you call me you're so excited and happy and not the least bit hesitant as to whether you're having a ball or not. Daddy is so good at teaching you what sportsmanship is all about and how great you and the team are. What a great thing that is! You've even got to be goalie! WOW - What do Grandma's know huh?

All items used are from Cottage Arts. Please check it out for a listing of the kits used.

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