Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Challenge - Using a Newspaper Clipping

One of the challenges for the Cottage Arts DT this week was to scan an old newspaper clipping and journal about it.  This isn't what I went hunting for but you know I thought it was just perfect considering the conversation Mom and I had shortly before she passed away about Phyllis's death.  Here's what I journaled:

Dear Baby Sister -
I've often wondered what it would have been like had you lived to share your life with us.  I worried for so many years that Momma would have been sad when she found out she was pregnant with me, the time was so soon after you had passed.  Just a short time ago, before Momma came to join you, I asked her about it and she said that she prayed I would be a little girl.  She didn't want me to replace your spot in her heart but she wanted to help heal the emptiness that you leaving caused her.  That made me feel so good and gave me such peace.  Rest happlily now little Phyllis in our Momma's arms.  
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Friday, April 08, 2011

Angi? relaxed and rested

Angi? relaxed and rested
You have to know my daughter to get the story behind that big question mark.
This girl never sits still long enough to relax, what a great shot captured here!
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Part of the photo (Angi's foot) masked to give the out of bounds illusion.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Caught in the Moment

Journaling Reads:     Eddie you were on base at MCRD in San Diego for Derik’s boot camp graduation you wanted me to take pictures of you at each monument and artillery spot.  When I went to snap this pic your head was bowed so reverently.  I wondered what thought prompted this automatic display of respect.  A very proud moment for me.

All supplies from Cottage Arts, check out my gallery page for a complete list.

Pizza Boy

Just love these pictures of Eddie taken in San Diego last November.
Jouranling reads:
When we were in San Diego we stopped to have dinner the night before you went home at Extreme Pizza.  It was fairly slow when we sat down and the owner asked if you knew how to make it yourself.  He took you to the kitchen and let you make yours and Paul’s cheese pizza!  How fun to watch as you pounded (and I mean pounded) stretched and shaped the dough, piled on the sauce and cheese and waited on pins and needles to see your creation.  That smile says it all, yep the pizza was a good as it looked!  November 2010
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