Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Woo Hoo, It's the Digitals NSD Art Doll Challenge

Want to come have some fun??? How about create a new you, you doll face you! That's right join Beth Rimmer at Digitals for NSD and get the kit below to make your 'doll'. Click on the photo to go to the forum and get the low down, but hurry, tools for creating your doll will only be available until Midnight May 5th!

Want a little inspiration? Here I am, me and my Alter Ego!!!

Lifelong Friends

Here's my Mom with best friends Bob and Virgina. They lived right next door to my sister when she was first married, and became extra grandparents to their 3 children as they came along. Over the years the two couples became even closer as they traveled together in their RVs and spent many evenings playing cards, Daddy and Big Bob giving each other the business. We've always called them Big Bob and Nina, and even to this day that's who they are to me. Momma recently went to see them, Big Bob's been ill and even though Mom seldom leaves her apartment complex she went to visit. It seems funny not to have Daddy in the picture, but he's been gone 18 years this year, how is that possible I wonder?

The journaling on the page reads:
Friends are such amazing creatures. They always seem to know when you need them and show up with support and love without being asked. They make wonderful traveling companions, sharing good times, laughter and new sights. That is what you have always been to one another. Such good friends. For over 50 years you have gathered together for special days and everyday moments. Over shared coffee and home baked goodies, great conversations have been had. Together you've played card games and dice, laughed and chatted under RV awnings, sat around campfires, hunted beaches for washed up treasures, the list goes on and on. How special to count yourselves as friends, just like a flower garden, forever sharing blossoms of love with one another.

I used Joyce de Jonges newest kit Wildflowers from Digitals, filled the background with a soft cream color and added a texture from Tonja Grams Textures and Overlays Vol 3 which I had colored a soft green and lowered the opacity so it sat on the background but didn't scream out at you.

The font is one from Fonts for Peas, called Pea Alesa. This is the first time I've used their fonts, they are all free. It's a cool site, all the fonts are ones that people have submitted with their handwriting and then they are turned into fonts. I'm always looking for handwritten fonts and hit the jackpot when I found this site!

Living Tree

Here are my four Grandkids and the 5th that's on her way. All supplies used from Cottage Arts, check out hte gallery link for a complete list.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Box of Memories

(click to enlarge to full view)

The Challenge this week for the Cottage Arts Team was to design a page using a Shadow box. This one was a 'challenge' to me but I love the outcome. Wander over to my gallery at Cottage Arts for a complete list of the supplies I used. The box on the right is Mom's, I've had it for years and it's always sat on my dresser. The little cigarette case on the far right front was my Grandma Moran's and it still holds one of the cigarette holders she so notoriously held (always). Not all the mementos shown in the shadow box came from my jewlery box, some are add ins from CA supplies.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Past Times

Past Times

Journaling Reads:
The Grays River Covered Bridge was built across the Grays River in western Wahkiakum County Washington 1905. It helped the local dairy farmers to get their goods to market. Repairs were made in 1988-1989 keeping with original design, hardware and siding as much as possible.

This is a composite of these two photos, the bridge described above, and the old car which was actually extracted from a photo I took last weekend in Springdale Utah. They just seemed to belong together.

(The photo of the bridge was taken this month by my daughter)

All supplies from
Cottage Arts

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thorns and Blossoms

This weeks challenge at Cottage Arts for the team members is to design a page using a text path. This is one that will be in the store within the week, super simple way to do it! Check out my gallery there for a complete list of supplies. Check out my Project 365 blog for more pictures of these beautiful cactus.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just Like Brother

I used Michelle Pieters (Digitals) Gentle Whisper for this page. It was done for the iChallenge at Digitals where you were to have some sort of timeline. I thought the photos of the boy's diving accomplished my 3 second timeline!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Boy Dreamer

For the Designer Elements Challenge at Digitals using Beth Rimmers River of Dreams mini kit (freebie) from Challenge, Papers and Elements. This is Eddie extracted from a game of Sorry with his cousins, see the original photo below.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pool Party

My Granddaughters, Zoie and Pyper always have a joint birthday party since their birthdays are only two weeks apart. This year they had it at a local pool. The pictures are all 4 of my Grandchildren! The splash on the right was snapped just as someone hit the pool. I used Michelle Pieters Garden of Dreams and Film Curls White - both from Digitals.

Fonts Lydian - Martina

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Beach Doggy

OK this one was done for the Font Free 4 All Challenge this month at Digitals. You're given a choice of fonts to play with in your page. I chose Homework. The kit choice was the kicker though, Jen Maceyunas has these wonderful dog and cat kits and word art. Just perfect for my Grandpug, Mushu. The kit was No Bones About It and the word art (Wolf Wolf) was from Dog Quotables 3 .

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easter Sunday 1960

oh my the
memories this
photo brings back.
I remember the shoes,
white leather with very very pointed toes.
Gloves, hat and purse, I thought I was a
quite the little princess, such afashion
statement. And the bookcase behind me,
always filled with family photos, that’s my
Big Sissy in the photo behind me. On the
table is my Easter Basket, I wonder if this
was the year the ‘Easter Bunny’ hid them
behind the living room drapes. Such
wonderful childhood memories.

For the All in the Family Challenge this month at Digitals where you were to do a page of Easter Memories, this picture always comes to mind. I used Glenda Ketcham's Tattered Memories kit from Digitals.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Working On Me

This was done for a Challenge for the Cottage Arts Store Creative Team. Please see my page in the gallery for a complete list of all the Cottage Arts Supplies I used. (The pic is me in early toddler years, a little on the unhappy side).

Journaling says = I seem to have a problem listening, I think I’m so preoccupied with my minds thoughts that sometimes I fail to give those who are requesting my time and my attention all that they deserve. It’s so easy to let your mind wander, especially when you’re in the midst of a project or a problem. But these are my family, my friends, my partner, I owe them my respect, my time and my utmost attention. This is something I need to practice the art of really listening & paying attention!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Posing For Me

I was on the computer this afternoon and this little guy landed on the shrubs in front of the window. I quickly opened the shades and grabbed my camera, of course by then he was gone. It wasn't long though before he came back for another look. He landed on the post and allowed me to snap great shots of him. I knew he was just what I'd been wanting with this kit of Joyce de Jonge's - Outside My Window at Digitals. I erased a little of the window to give him an Out of Bounds feel. The Scripture quote is free from Katie Mann at this months Scripture Challenge at Digitals.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Utah Beauty - Four Seasons

My friend Beth Rimmer has been at it again. I just love her kits they always have a degree of tilt on them! This one has beautiful background papers but lots of bits of whimsy to use as well in the Keep Looking Up! Embellies kit. I wanted to use this quote which is from the Its Only Words Challenge at Digitals this month and Beth's kit along with my scenic view of Utah seemed to fit perfectly. The background is Road shot photo I took at Navajo Lake blended with two of the papers from Beth's Keep Looking Up! Papers kit. The word art is supplied free if you join the challenge, so get hopping and join in the fun!

My journaling reads:
Road trips have become a part of our retirement. Hunting out the well known spots, as well as the off the beaten track sights and scenery. It amazes us both at how much beauty and diversity are here in our own country. Beautiful skies, and landscapes just begging for my camera to hold them for others to see. These pictures were taken throughout the four seasons within 100 miles of our home.

Dixie Downs

I did this for the Ad Challenge at Digitals, you're to take this ad and interpret it into a page.
So here's my take on it.

I used a kit from Michelle Pieters called Garden of Dreams, it had just the right shades of brown and beige to accompany my photos. These were shot on Saturday at Dixie Downs which is a very small horsetrack in Hurricane, Utah. It was a fun experience and there's nothing like being up close to these magnificent animals! These were the trials for the races with a purse on the 18th. Apparently there are races in small towns like this around the state so if time permits we may venture on to explore another town and see another race.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ordinary Day, Extraordinary Lady

Here's Momma last month when I visited. Isn't it a wonderful photo of her??? I did this for the Let's Talk About Challenge this month at Digitals. You were to create a layout and use a definition in it. My definition was age:

age -- noun, verb, aged, ag-ing.
1.the length of time during which
a being or thing has existed
2. a period of human life, measured
by years from birth,
–verb (used without object)
1. to grow old

Journaling reads:
Why is it Momma when I look at this picture I can’t seem to find the right age, at least not the age that fits the years you’ve been here. To me you are just you, the Momma that answers my questions, helps me solves my problems and always encourages me when I’m down. So age really isn’t a number is it? It’s more a perception of life.
97 years 9 months = Momma

I used this new kit from Glenda Ketcham called Ordinary Day Layered Quickpage. It's sort of a mini kit and QP all rolled into one. I also incorporated things from a couple of her other kits in the page, check out my gallery page at Digitals for a full list of supplies.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Grown' Up

The Creative Team at Cottage Arts was given the challenge to create a page with Perspective. I had taken several shots while we were at Navajo Lake last fall of the road. I had this picture of Eddie learning to ride his bike and thought the two would work well together (see the individual photos below). I used a lot of Cottage Arts supplies for this effect. Check out my gallery there for a list.