Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Past Times

Past Times

Journaling Reads:
The Grays River Covered Bridge was built across the Grays River in western Wahkiakum County Washington 1905. It helped the local dairy farmers to get their goods to market. Repairs were made in 1988-1989 keeping with original design, hardware and siding as much as possible.

This is a composite of these two photos, the bridge described above, and the old car which was actually extracted from a photo I took last weekend in Springdale Utah. They just seemed to belong together.

(The photo of the bridge was taken this month by my daughter)

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Musing said...

Hi Patti,
I love the composite photo! Thank you for visiting my blog. I agree that the web is a wonderful place for "meeting" people not only who have the same interests and can share tips, but also who share our values,and with whom we might have been or could become friends.

BTW I found some great adobe brushes by following your links. Thank you.