Saturday, May 24, 2008

Las Vegas Getaway

We took a couple days, cashed in some comps and rolled into Vegas on Wednesday, by that night Paul had hit a jackpot and had a smile from ear to ear. The winds were fierce and by Thursday night the skies looked ominous framing the Eiffel Tower directly in front our of hotel window. It was a fun trip, we took in Hats and had our photo taken, ate at Margaretiaville which is always a blast and even walked the strip! Next time we'll cut it to one day and night of play and stay and then wander on home happy campers. Unfortunately, as always, my pockets were empty and lonely by the time we pulled in the driveway, but more memories for our book and a nice break from unpacking. 5-21/22-2008

I used Beth Rimmer's newest kit Board Shorts! at Digitals. I'm sure it's not what she had in mind when she designed it but the colors and patterns were perfect to go with our Paris Paris photos. That's the joy of working with digital it is so versatile and can just be used a multitude of ways!

I also used a tip from Linda Sattgast's newsletter about duplicating your photo, adding a stroke and then tilting them. I loved this photo I shot of the wicked sky behind the Eiffel Tower but it just didn't have much punch until I followed her suggestions. Then tucking our photo between the layers gave it the dimension the page needed. Check out Scrappers Guide and sign up for her newsletter (or better still Premier) if you haven't already, great tools to add to your bag of tricks!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spiderman Rains!

The weather for Spring has been unusally HOT! this past week. In Washington State where my grandkids are my youngest grandson was thoroughly enjoying his new Spiderman Slip and Slide. I love the pics!

I used Beth Rimmer's Enchanted Garden to make my page. This kit has some real cool elements in it. But then all of Beth's kits are stupendous! Check them out at Digitals.

Page reads:
It’s a weird spring in Washington State,
here it is only May Eddie and you’re having a ball in your
Spiderman Slip and Slide in 90 degree temps.
I bet you don’t mind Mother Nature having a few temper tantrums at all do you?
Water, Sun and a 7 year old (well almost 7), can't do better than that can you?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Sister's Golden Anniversay

This page was chosen as LOTD Digitals at Digitals!These photos are from my sister Carol's 50th Anniversary party. Since we were in the process of moving and relocating at the time I wasn't able to attend. Through the wonder of digital and email though it was only a short time after the party before these photos hit my in box. I was thrilled and this is my small contribution to recording such a special day and special event.

Carol and Pete were married on May 2, 1958, but that wasn't the beginning actually they had been going together for several years prior. Since there is 10 years between Carol and I their wedding was a real momentous event in my 10 year old life. I was thrilled, another brother who didn't pick on me as much as my other two! Blood does that you know, makes you open game as a kid for your siblings!

I know my niece so well, she's a lot like me and I know her love for her Daddy so I kind of improvised her words into the bottom photo, I think she'll be happy with it. The journaling reads:

I love you Daddy, no matter how old I grow, no matter what day dawns.
To be here today celebrating your love for Mom for 50 years,
what greater joy could a daughter ask?
To lay my head upon your shoulder
and feel the support you’ve always given
the three of us makes my heart sing so happily.
I love you because you’re my Daddy,
I love you because you’re Mom’s other half.
I love you just because you’re YOU!

Both these pages were created using the kit Everlasting designed by Silvia Romeo. Silvia sells at many stores including Digitals. Be sure to check out her wonderful talents.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zion's Tunnels

This is my second page on our trip to Zion, I had so many people comment on the tunnel and it's window view from outside the tunnel I decided I'd like to remember this in a page. Here's the journaling:
We approached this first tunnel and were through it in a blink, but further along Zion's winding road was the second tunnel and this is the one I remembered from before. There is no place to stop as you go through, which is a shame because pictures from the inside looking out would speak volumes. The top photo is a shot of one of the carved arched windows within the tunnel, I'm not sure how many there are but several. We had made a couple of the switchbacks after exiting the tunnel and by the time I could pull off on a turnout this is what I saw. Looking up I could make out the outside of the window (shown by the magnifying glass in the middle photo), enlarged so you can get the feel for the beauty of the design in the top photo. The bottom is the first, shorter tunnel we went through. The Zion Mt Carmel tunnel (the actual name) is 1.1 miles long. In the early 1900's Navajo Sandstone was blasted and cut (2000' thick) to form the tunnel. Impressive to say the least. The drop off on the south side was 800', it's just beyond my comprehension doing something of this magnitude at this period of time.
I used Spellweaver's Harmony kit, it's at Digitals if you'd like to check it out.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Zion JAlbum

If you'd like to see my whole album of photos taken at Zion, check out my new album at JAlbum. This is the coolest software, and it's free as well as the hosting to upload your albums. I've followed this company for a long time now and this version is by far the most user friendly. A great find and a great addition to your software library! Click on the photo or the title to go to my album of photos.

Perched on Zion's Rim

Wow here's the first page I've done since the move. It seems like forever!! And it's great to be back creating! Yesterday we started out in the morning to go to Colorado City, ended up going on to Kanab then on to Glen Canyon Dam, Page and Lake Powell. Paul wanted to come back a different way so when we got back to Kanab around 3:30 we headed up on to the East side of Zion and came through the canyon. I had only been once before and it was late when we went through, dusk and past so I hardly got to see anything past the entrance on the west end. Today was glorious. So little traffic, such wonderful weather. We could stop whenever we wanted and take pictures (or I could - smiles, he was a real good sport about stopping every few feet, lol). Soon it will be packed with people this was so great, like having the park more to a small group of visitors. It is the best way to see the park - East to West - when people visit this is how we will take them, the heavy traffic flows from I-15 West through the park. Now, you aren't able to go to the Lodge unless you have a certain pass. You must park and take a shuttle (free). We had traveled over 325 miles by this time so opted to skip this until the next trip, when I think we'll go up and stay overnight. You can pick up the shuttle from anywhere on either side, get on and off as much as you want and it stops at all the spots in Springdale and then at all the spots within the park that you cannot drive to. I wish they would do this at all the parks, Yosemite would be so much better if there were only shuttles on the inside instead of so many cars, super super idea!

Journaling on this page reads:
As we approached the entrance to Zion National Park we stopped to take the first of
many photos of this magnificent area. There was this charming little fellow sitting in
the tree near me. As I started to snap his photo he darted off only to land on the edge
of the railing. Perched on the rim, taking in the beauty of the scenery around him,
just like me, but this is his home, an everyday place, but to me, it’s amazing, awe-
inspiring, just breathtaking. So majestic al, the day was perfect, a beautiful May day
with sparse cars and cooler weather. I’m so glad we decided to go for a drive.

All supplies were from Cottage Arts - please check them out, you'll be so glad you did!