Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Sister's Golden Anniversay

This page was chosen as LOTD Digitals at Digitals!These photos are from my sister Carol's 50th Anniversary party. Since we were in the process of moving and relocating at the time I wasn't able to attend. Through the wonder of digital and email though it was only a short time after the party before these photos hit my in box. I was thrilled and this is my small contribution to recording such a special day and special event.

Carol and Pete were married on May 2, 1958, but that wasn't the beginning actually they had been going together for several years prior. Since there is 10 years between Carol and I their wedding was a real momentous event in my 10 year old life. I was thrilled, another brother who didn't pick on me as much as my other two! Blood does that you know, makes you open game as a kid for your siblings!

I know my niece so well, she's a lot like me and I know her love for her Daddy so I kind of improvised her words into the bottom photo, I think she'll be happy with it. The journaling reads:

I love you Daddy, no matter how old I grow, no matter what day dawns.
To be here today celebrating your love for Mom for 50 years,
what greater joy could a daughter ask?
To lay my head upon your shoulder
and feel the support you’ve always given
the three of us makes my heart sing so happily.
I love you because you’re my Daddy,
I love you because you’re Mom’s other half.
I love you just because you’re YOU!

Both these pages were created using the kit Everlasting designed by Silvia Romeo. Silvia sells at many stores including Digitals. Be sure to check out her wonderful talents.

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