Sunday, May 11, 2008

Perched on Zion's Rim

Wow here's the first page I've done since the move. It seems like forever!! And it's great to be back creating! Yesterday we started out in the morning to go to Colorado City, ended up going on to Kanab then on to Glen Canyon Dam, Page and Lake Powell. Paul wanted to come back a different way so when we got back to Kanab around 3:30 we headed up on to the East side of Zion and came through the canyon. I had only been once before and it was late when we went through, dusk and past so I hardly got to see anything past the entrance on the west end. Today was glorious. So little traffic, such wonderful weather. We could stop whenever we wanted and take pictures (or I could - smiles, he was a real good sport about stopping every few feet, lol). Soon it will be packed with people this was so great, like having the park more to a small group of visitors. It is the best way to see the park - East to West - when people visit this is how we will take them, the heavy traffic flows from I-15 West through the park. Now, you aren't able to go to the Lodge unless you have a certain pass. You must park and take a shuttle (free). We had traveled over 325 miles by this time so opted to skip this until the next trip, when I think we'll go up and stay overnight. You can pick up the shuttle from anywhere on either side, get on and off as much as you want and it stops at all the spots in Springdale and then at all the spots within the park that you cannot drive to. I wish they would do this at all the parks, Yosemite would be so much better if there were only shuttles on the inside instead of so many cars, super super idea!

Journaling on this page reads:
As we approached the entrance to Zion National Park we stopped to take the first of
many photos of this magnificent area. There was this charming little fellow sitting in
the tree near me. As I started to snap his photo he darted off only to land on the edge
of the railing. Perched on the rim, taking in the beauty of the scenery around him,
just like me, but this is his home, an everyday place, but to me, it’s amazing, awe-
inspiring, just breathtaking. So majestic al, the day was perfect, a beautiful May day
with sparse cars and cooler weather. I’m so glad we decided to go for a drive.

All supplies were from Cottage Arts - please check them out, you'll be so glad you did!

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