Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm Retired!

Our new home in Washington Utah.

I thought I should put an update on the blog so those of you that stop by won't wonder if I've dropped from the face of the Earth! As of Friday I am officially a retired person. Wow exciting, scary and a new adventure all rolled into one! We are living in the midst of boxes and packing tape at the moment. Saturday we'll load the U-Haul and be on our way to our new home base in Washington Utah. We have lots of adventures lined up. A long trip to Boston and the surrounding area visiting relatives, friends and seeing the area for the first time myself. To Washington State in July to share the fireworks with my Grandkids, kids and family and friends. We'll extend the back portion of that trip to perhaps portions of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado. I'm sure all the mess in Utah will sit patiently and wait for our return!

Stop back by I'll have photos of the progress and our new home!

Morning Sunrise, Washington Utah
This was taken at the corner just before you get on Interstate 15 by our house when we left for our last trip to Fresno last Month. The sun was just rising above the mountains and by the time we had filled the car with gas the intensity of the beauty had increased tenfold. And just think, this will soon be a daily occurrence. I hope I don't become so adjusted to the beauty that I fail to see it each and every day!

Can you believe it???
I move 45 minutes from Mt St Helens in Washington State only to be 5 minutes from St Helens of Washington in Utah. it was just too much we just had to stop in and get the scoop on this place! I was sure we were going to be told the owners were from Washington State, I was anxious to find out where. To my surprise it wasn't that at all. The owners wife's name is Helen and since they live in Washington City the name just kind of sprang together. No matter, it's still was fun to stop and it will be fun to go again each time visitors from home come to see us. Besides that the service was just as friendly as ever and the food was super.

Additional blog in the works!

I've been asked from friends and family to do a new blog updating it with pictures of the move, our travels and just day to day goings on, to keep in touch with the friends I've made here in California and the family and friends I left in Washington State. It's in the making I'm trying to think of a catchy name, anyone have any ideas????

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