Tuesday, March 31, 2009


While home visiting I had camera in hand most of the time. I just sat and took shot after shot as they played Sorry. What fun, I loved the pics of Pyper's hand and foot. Beth Rimmer's Fashionista! The Embellies and The Papers was just so perfect for this page of Pyper. I wanted to find the same font that is used on the game but settled for Ringbearer, close enough.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't Feed the Squirrels Martha!

Just having a little fun tonight with another new Action from Alessandra Designs called Mischievous Owl. I also used some bits from her new Country Home Kit, just released at Digitals. The photos are two I took last Sunday in Kolab Canyons. I've added them below so you can see how the squirrel was extracted. Extraction and masking is so much fun and opens up so many possiblities with your photos. If you haven't tried it please do, just remember to start small, go slow and have fun. And the undo button, it's there whenever something just doesn't look right. That's why I most often use a mask instead of the eraser, I can always paint something back in with a mask, once it's erased it's gone forever.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Carol's Garden

My sister recently bought a new camera with a zoom on it and is sending me the most wonderful pictures of the birds and animals that visit her front and side yards (she lives in Washington State). I just had to use them with this new kit of Joyce de Jonge's called With All My Heart. Don't you just love the heart frame? So perfect for this type of photo.

My poem reads:
In my sister's garden lies a wondrous delight.
Little birds and animals come right within our sight.
Dancing on their little feet, scurrying all about,
Munching from the feeders day in and day out.
It's fun to watch them as they come, and take a picture or two
I want to reach out and tell them, I glad you came, thank you.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Zoie Remember

Zoie, what a great thoughtful pic I snagged!
All supplies from Cottage Arts

Desert Contrasts

Photos of the Red Rocks and flowers at the Redstone Trail Head in the Lake Mead Recreation Area, Nevada. I used all products from Cottage Arts.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Here's my second page for Spring using Cottage Arts supplies. These Daffodils were blooming in Amber's front yard and she was sweet enough to take some shots yesterday and send them to me last night. There is nothing like a Daffodil to make you feel like Spring is just around the corner.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Visitor

Finally a new page! I've been away visiting family, which is where I shot this photo of the bird feeding in my sisters front yard and the background paper of the Pussy Willow trees out my Mom's bedroom window.

I did a lot of playing with kits from Cottage Arts, blending, masking and tweeking to get this result. Check out my gallery there for a full list of supplies and techniques used.