Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spiderman Rains!

The weather for Spring has been unusally HOT! this past week. In Washington State where my grandkids are my youngest grandson was thoroughly enjoying his new Spiderman Slip and Slide. I love the pics!

I used Beth Rimmer's Enchanted Garden to make my page. This kit has some real cool elements in it. But then all of Beth's kits are stupendous! Check them out at Digitals.

Page reads:
It’s a weird spring in Washington State,
here it is only May Eddie and you’re having a ball in your
Spiderman Slip and Slide in 90 degree temps.
I bet you don’t mind Mother Nature having a few temper tantrums at all do you?
Water, Sun and a 7 year old (well almost 7), can't do better than that can you?

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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Your grandbabies are ADORABLE Patti and OH YES, the temps in Washington were unbelievably HOT for this time of the year! I spoke with both of my daughters (both live in Vancouver) and it was in the 90's one day and pouring rain the next!!! Well, it was sort of that way here in Copper as well. We spent four days straight in triple digits and then plummeted to the low 50's!!!

It's been a bit odd everywhere but no complaints here as this girl does NOT handle the HOT weather as well as she once did!!!

LOVE your extraction of Eddie and the slide and your SHIMMERING border!

Linda :)