Saturday, May 24, 2008

Las Vegas Getaway

We took a couple days, cashed in some comps and rolled into Vegas on Wednesday, by that night Paul had hit a jackpot and had a smile from ear to ear. The winds were fierce and by Thursday night the skies looked ominous framing the Eiffel Tower directly in front our of hotel window. It was a fun trip, we took in Hats and had our photo taken, ate at Margaretiaville which is always a blast and even walked the strip! Next time we'll cut it to one day and night of play and stay and then wander on home happy campers. Unfortunately, as always, my pockets were empty and lonely by the time we pulled in the driveway, but more memories for our book and a nice break from unpacking. 5-21/22-2008

I used Beth Rimmer's newest kit Board Shorts! at Digitals. I'm sure it's not what she had in mind when she designed it but the colors and patterns were perfect to go with our Paris Paris photos. That's the joy of working with digital it is so versatile and can just be used a multitude of ways!

I also used a tip from Linda Sattgast's newsletter about duplicating your photo, adding a stroke and then tilting them. I loved this photo I shot of the wicked sky behind the Eiffel Tower but it just didn't have much punch until I followed her suggestions. Then tucking our photo between the layers gave it the dimension the page needed. Check out Scrappers Guide and sign up for her newsletter (or better still Premier) if you haven't already, great tools to add to your bag of tricks!

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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

OMGosh Patti!!! I'm stumbling over the keys to get the words out! Now I KNOW what happened to you girl! Look at you - WOO HOO!!!

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS in your NEW position of "officially retired"!!! We all know that the real work shall now begin!!! You know, the "hard" work it takes to pack suitcases for traveling or even reading brochures to figure out where you'd like to jet off to next!!! LOL! Okay, just a bit of humor. I'd say with a home as lovely as your new abode in Washington (I find this a bit amusing as well as ironic for a sweet lady who's heart is still in the NW!!!), Utah, I would not wish to leave all that often!!!

LOVE your blog!!! I found you as I've just been out and about joining TOP listing sites for, hopefully, a bit more exposure! Anyhoo, I found you on ELITE DIGISCRAPPERS! I am SO thrilled as I just LOVE viewing your MASTERPIECES and reading your writings.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the layout of you and Paul in Las Vegas!!! WOW! The NEON LIGHTS are GLOWING for sure and what a memory page this is!!! Oh, remember, what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!! LOL!

Well, I've rambled at you enough for one session - I'm just SO happy to see your smiling face again and to know that ALL is well and, WOW, you've moved!

Take care darlin' and I'll try to pop in when I get a chance to see what you've been up to!!!

Have a GORGEOUS day!

Linda :)