Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zion's Tunnels

This is my second page on our trip to Zion, I had so many people comment on the tunnel and it's window view from outside the tunnel I decided I'd like to remember this in a page. Here's the journaling:
We approached this first tunnel and were through it in a blink, but further along Zion's winding road was the second tunnel and this is the one I remembered from before. There is no place to stop as you go through, which is a shame because pictures from the inside looking out would speak volumes. The top photo is a shot of one of the carved arched windows within the tunnel, I'm not sure how many there are but several. We had made a couple of the switchbacks after exiting the tunnel and by the time I could pull off on a turnout this is what I saw. Looking up I could make out the outside of the window (shown by the magnifying glass in the middle photo), enlarged so you can get the feel for the beauty of the design in the top photo. The bottom is the first, shorter tunnel we went through. The Zion Mt Carmel tunnel (the actual name) is 1.1 miles long. In the early 1900's Navajo Sandstone was blasted and cut (2000' thick) to form the tunnel. Impressive to say the least. The drop off on the south side was 800', it's just beyond my comprehension doing something of this magnitude at this period of time.
I used Spellweaver's Harmony kit, it's at Digitals if you'd like to check it out.

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