Sunday, February 17, 2008

Swim Like A Fish

There are times when things just come together so good and I absolutely love this digi stuff. This page of Zoie was one of them. Julie Mead has created this great set of templates called
Devotion Artistic Templates at Cottage Arts.

I took one of the mats and merged Zoie's photo into it and it's so cool looking, or at least I think it is, it looks like she's swimming right into the page! I love all the little swirls and flourishes around it.

The journaling reads:
Oh Zoie Bear you just don't know how happy it makes my heart to see you having fun in water. Your Mommy was always so afraid and she's worked real hard to have you feel like a fish. From the looks of the grin on your face I think she succeeded!

I used 4 kits to create this page you can go to the gallery to get links to them all. Super cool stuff. And so much fun! Wow I just love Photo Shop!!!

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