Thursday, July 28, 2011

Living Life

Postcard reads:
Dear Family -
You know how afraid I am of high places and swinging bridges. I didn’t want to walk across this suspension bridge at the Great Falls in Montana. I could hear the water exploding into the river but in order to see it up close I would have to venture across this bridge.
When I approached the half way mark the bridge began to sway and I yelled at Paul to stop, but he swore it was the wind moving it not him. It wasn’t far but if you have a fear sometimes the first step can feel like a mile. I was proud of myself for laying aside my fear. The end result was so worth taking the steps, the beauty from the Island, all that water and power was well worth the sway of the wind and the unsteadiness of my feet. July 8, 2011

All supplies were from Cottage Arts, please check my gallery photo there for a complete list.