Friday, March 09, 2012

Day Trippin'

When family and friends came to visit in the early fall of 2008 we took them on a Day Trip to Cedar Breaks National Monument.  What a gorgeous day.  The sky was that intense desert blue with soft white puffy clouds bouncing around which set the backdrop for those fabulous red rock HooDoos.  You just couldn't help but feeling good being in the beautiful outdoors.  I loved this picture of Chrissy and I, she looks so put out.  (Granted she hates having her picture taken but actually the sun was in our eyes as well so that says a lot for the expression, even though she has threatened to break my camera on occasion.)

I used a combo of kits from Cottage Arts, please check my gallery page here for a complete list.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Anniversary Cruise

Many years ago before Ed got sick we took a re-positioning cruise from New York City to the Virgin Islands.  It was hurricane season, one of the worst, St Thomas was a mess.  Even with swaying hall ways aboard the ship and water splashing out of the pools we had a fabulous time and memories I will always carry in my heart.  

My one bit of wisdom to all of you 'thinking' about doing this or that, make a way to do it.  Life changes in an instant, looking back you'll be glad you made the plans, found a way and carried through.  Memories keep forever no matter how real life gets in the way.

I used the new World Travels collection from Cottage Arts to create my page.  You can see the list of supplies in my Gallery photo here.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Pride and Joy

Paul had no children when we met and at this stage of our lives we neither wanted, nor were able to have any of our own, lol.  But Grandchildren, that's another story.  They just come along with the Grandma package and  the young ones especially, don't know the bonds of blood only of love as is the case with Brynnie and her Papa.  She just loves him because he is and he just loves her because she has stolen his heart.

I used Cottage Arts Scrap Templates 44 (template 02); Granny's Garden Page Pak and the font LD Fancy.

Thursday, March 01, 2012


Loved the animals in the Kolab Reservoir near Zion National Park
Kit is Wild West Page Pak by Cottage Arts

two souls

Journaling Reads:
when you bind another to your soul something within you changes
I becomes we
me becomes you
love allows you to think with your heart about the other whether they be across the room or miles away 
this my loves is the beginning of your forevers
build your hearts large to hold your love one for the other
remember life is not one page but many chapters pieced together day by day 
to blend two souls into one
the beginning of a love story with no end in sight

All digital supplies can be found on my gallery page at Cottage Arts here