Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Being from the Pacific NW it's always fun to scrap photos that make me feel closer to home. I love these that were taken in the Columbia River Gorge. I took a friend to see the Gorge, he'd never been there before and it's so great to see something familiar through the eyes of someone who is seing it for the first time. Sometimes we get blind to the beauty that surrounds us all the time.

Living in the Central Valley of California now I miss the lushness and the beauty of the Pacific NW, something I took all so often for granted. Stop for a moment and enjoy the surroundings around you. See them again like you're seeing them for the very first time. It's a great feeling!!

A big thank you to Rina Kroes for giving away her beautiful kit Grandpa's Cabin which helped me created this layout.

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