Sunday, April 15, 2007

These are photos of my Aunty Flo, the middle one is my Dad, my Uncle Willy on the right. Isn't my Aunt beautiful? She was right up to the day she passed from here to there.

Journaling reads:
The past is but a shadow of our time.
Looking out from eyes which have seen life’s joys,
it’s sins and it’s lust for tomorrow.
Pictures of the past,
they speak of generations long gone.
Generations which guide us still with hands of heritage,
bestowing our future upon us like soft whispers filled with love.
Whispers we call memories.

I have Barb Speck to thank for the kit, I used her Grandma's Shoebox Memories 2 and then I used one of Al's styles from Action FX for the frames, which just set the photos off beautifully.

The picture of my Aunt need a lot of TLC. I used the Smart filter on this one for the face to try and smooth out some of the imperfections from the old print on the larger photo of Aunty Flo, I was really pleased in how well it worked. A great learning experience for me.


lily said...
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Hummie said...

Wow! Wonderful heritage page! Perfect colors for that. I love the journaling. Did you write that? Can I use it some day?