Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Layout of the Day at 3Scrapateers

You know when you are doing something you have a real passion about and watch it evolve from the blank screen into something you love it's such a great feeling inside. Then when your peers pick you and give you extra Kudos there's no better way to start the day! Thank you 3Scrapateeres for picking my page!

This layout just came together so well for me. I loved Joyce deJonge's kit Mexico I used. It worked just perfectly for these photos.

This is Aunty Lill and Uncle Ernie with Uncle Ernie's brother George, wife Clara and son George Jr. They took a road trip in 1916 (it was on the post card) from around LA to Mexico.

I look at these cars and wonder how long did this trip take??? Look at those tires and does it even have a windshield, it must have, but there are no windows, now that's truly open air!

Uncle Ernie loved to travel, to be adventurous and see new places. Aunty Lill must have loved it too she looks pretty happy in all the photos I see of them going somewhere.

These were some of the few Heritage photos I haven't tried to remove all the dust and cracks and stuff from age and wear. I did enchance the colors a little but I liked the vinage feel of the post cards. And that's another thing that always amazes me. Since I've been scrapping the Heritage Album I have found so many of the pictures taken in this early 1900 era were printed on post cards. Such a fun glimpse back into my family's time.


Ila said...

Congratulations! It's a wonderful page.

Hummie said...

Oh....what a winner that layout is! I love it!