Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I Made a Book!!!

This is my first Hybrid project for the Creative Hybrid Team
at Digitals. How fun was this. It was so easy using Lynne Simmons Days Gone By kit!
Wow I just picked the photos and plopped them in the quickpages.
I used the Cosmo Cricket Blackboard Kit, Abby which you can buy at Digitals.

I learned a lot putting this together. I used a spray glue which you spray the backs of the photos, wait a minute, and then attach to the book pages. It worked cool, much much better than drippy glue! Some of my pages weren't exactly on, so I trimmed with a straight blade, then sanded them a little and inked the edges with a felt tip pen. Worked great covered up everything.

It's so cool to see your stuff in print and a book no less. I think I'll make these for the grandkids for Christmas, how cool would that be to have a book of 'YOU'?

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Debbie said...

This is a pretty neat littl book. Another thing to check out at this site.