Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter - A Little Bundle for you Free

Beth Rimer has just released her newest kit 'Happy Wanderer' and I was delighted to be able to make a set of Quickpages for her from it. This is one of the set and Beth has decided to give you a springy Easter present by letting you download this Quickpage for Free.

Please either go to Beth's blog Creative Choas to find the download link! While you're here or there why don't you check out the sale she's got going on for this Easter weekend at her store at Digitals . Beth's Storefront.

Monday, March 10, 2008

We Missed you at Sunday School

I know these things don’t quite go together but it was the age I was trying to show you here. The post card on the left was from Momma’s Sunday School wondering where she was, and why she was missing, it’s dated 1919. Momma would have been 8. The photo above of Momma and Uncle Kiehl has a hand written scribble on the side saying about 1919. So this is Momma in that same year. Such a cute little girl, and Uncle Kiehl, my goodness he was adorable even then. Of course I always had such a soft spot for him. What I see today in 2008 is how much Zoie looks like her Grandma, I don't’ think I’d seen this before. I see the features passed from generation to generation, I’ve written about that before but I’d never seen Momma in Zoie.

Oh my goodness this is the same age Mom talks about Grandma Moran putting these two on a train from Yakima to Walla Walla to visit Auntie. Mom says she was probably 7 or 8 and Uncle Kiehl was 3 years younger. Uncle Kiehl threw his hat out the window when they were stopped and Mom being the big sister ran out the train car around the train and grabbed the hat. She said the conductor helped her back on but the train was ready to go when she got on. We figured it must have been a full days ride back then considering it takes 2 1/2 hours by car now. This would have been 1918 or 1919. She said part of the ticket included a box lunch.

This was just a story when Mom was telling me but thinking about these two little tykes on a train alone, oh my goodness, it scares me to death. Things were so different back then, Everyone watched out for everyone else. They must have made it just fine, no damage done, but Zoie is 9 this year and to send her and Pyper, just about the same ages as here, alone on a whole day’s train trip just is beyond my comprehension. Times have really changed and the world is most certainly not the same as it was here!

I used papers and elements from Silvia Romeo's Tea and Sympathy kit (the mat for the journaling was made with one of Silvia's papers and altered with an action from Atomic Cupcake).

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Life's Hard Sometimes

Pyper you just looked so forlorn in this photo, I wonder if you are sad, or mad because you didn’t get to do something you wanted? I love how you have your little legs crossed and your hands underneath, like you are shielding yourself from the world. Grammy hates to see you without your smile, just remember --- A smile is just a frown turned upside down.

The photo was very small and to enlarge it to work in this page made it very blurry so I used a lot of different filters giving it a 'sketched' look.

The word art (which is my own) and text include the following fonts - Pristina - Porky's - Rage Italic -

I used Glenda Ketcham's An Everyday Princess for this picture of Pyper. You can find it at Digitals. The background is one of Glenda's striped cream papers duplicated and turned 90 degrees. I placed it over a gradient using the color of Pypers shirt and changing the blending modes on each of the layers to achieve this background effect.

An Everyday Princess - An Ordinary Day

I've been asked by Glenda Ketcham to be on her newly forming Creative Team. I was honored. Glenda was a name I saw pop up with an unbridled humor in my Yahoo groups when I first climbed into this digi world. Glenda has contributed kits and layouts for digital books and has a wonderful knowledge of PSP. I was thrilled I was in groups where her input was shared with everyone. As time went on and I eventually ended up on the CT store team for Digitals I got to know Glenda a little better and realized what a wonderful sense of family, humor and designing talent she possesses. So it was with many smiles and happiness that I accepted a position on her team.
This is the first kit I've used, it's her new one entitled An Everyday Princess. All her designs are sold only at Digitals. I'm also placing a preview of it here for you to see. I hope you'll stop by her store or her blog, Scrapville, and check out her kits. If you are a Disney fan, have a Disney vacation or party to scrap, Glenda will be the one you'll want to see. She got a huge collection of 'Magical' kits that will fit any photos you might have. I've put a bug in her ear that I have a bunch of my daughters honeymoon at Disneyland photos to scrap so I'm hoping that we'll be blessed with a new kit showing a little Disney love.

This page, An Ordinary Day, is Pyper with her cute little grin and those darling wisps of curls peeking out from under her hat. I've just loved this photo, I actually think I've scrapped it before but no matter it's worth scrapping again. I'll have to hunt for a photo of Zoie, my other little Princess granddaughter to scrap with this kit as well. I tried my hand with some more word art for Pypers page. I'm really enjoying doing it. Once we are settled in our new home I really want to try a lot more word art creations, I'd really like to do it with my own thoughts and prose, hmmm so many things to do and I'm sure there will never be enough time!!!