Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Miracle Mountain

Supplies from Cottage Arts.
Page reads:
Mt St Helens a miracle we witnessed firsthand
as the earth shook and the mountain changed form before our very eyes.
We watched as the ash plumes rose and and drifted above us,
making we mere humans don masks and watch from inside our homes
as ash turned the noon sky to the darkness of night.
It was a time of Mother Nature’s power.
Awe inspiring moments of destruction,
death and fear,
and yet so very very amazing.

It was a time for the realization
that we are but mere mortals
on this Earth
and greater powers than we
control the elements.

The top two photos were
taken by my brother as
he flew above the Mt
just before the major
eruptions took place.
The bottom photo was
taken by family
visiting from
California in the
mid 1950’s.

A beautiful
majestic peak
before and
during her

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