Thursday, January 25, 2007

Journaling Reads:

I don't remember seeing a picture of my Grandparents taken together,
So, much to I'm sure my Grandma's dismay,
I 'put' them together with modern technology!

I was born long after they had ceased to be a couple
but I wonder about the early years.
What drew them to one another,
what bond they found that started the love at the beginning?

Grandma lived next door when I was a little girl;
She moved from California to Washington
And eventually settled beside us in a small little mobile home.

Grandpa was always the California Grandpa that I only saw on rare occasions.
Someone who never complained about the little
Granddaughter that clung to him on visits
Or sent him letters in her little girl handwriting after each visit.

Memories have grown so dim over the years, just a few fleeting ones remain
And they hold fast in my mind. But, in my heart the love never wavers.
Differences and life's choices separated them years ago. When I came along I loved them individually and equally.

But today it makes me smile and gives my heart such
Joy to see them side by side here,
For to that little girl and the grown woman she has become
They were, and always will be my

Grandma and Grandpa

I used a beautiful kit from Lori Giles Serenity available for purchase at Natural Designs In Scrapbooking to create my page. Lori does a fabulous job designing her elements.

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