Sunday, February 25, 2007

This was created using Barb Speck's - Grandma's Shoebox Memories. This is a wonderful collection of kits, if you are into doing Heritage I would strongly suggest you check it out at NDISB or SOTB.

These pictures are a collection of ones I had when my Grandma Coulter and Aunty Bea lived in New York City while my Uncle Bill was out to sea (in the Navy aboard the Quick).

The journaling reads:

The framed photo on the right, as well as the smaller ones, were the ones taken in New York City. As close as Mom and I could determine these pictures must be from around 1945 and 1946. During this time my Uncle had reinlisted in the Navy and was at sea a great deal of time on the Destroyer Quick. When my Aunt moved from California to New York my Grandma moved as well. Mom thinks they perhaps lived in the same apartment complex. But the pictures here of Grandma Coutler (which was Uncle Bills Mom) were taken in New York City. I love the wrought iron bars on the windows, the curves of the cement stairs and the beauty of the black and white photos. Make sure you check out Johnny’s stroller! Amazing how times have changed.

The framed photo on the left was taken in El Monte California after the family moved back west when Uncle Bill got out of the Navy. I love Aunty Beas shoes! She was a tiny little thing probably 4’10 or so and she is so very young here.

Not only are they great family memories but they also give us such a glimpse back in time as to what they wore, the shoes, the clothes the hair styles, even the baby stroller as I mentioned in my journaling. I love the black and white photos I have. Sometimes I wonder if color actually distracts the eye from the importance of what's in the photo?

So many photos I have and when I read the comments people write to me when I do these Heritage photos I realize how lucky I am to have them to pass on to future generations. I feel most fortunate when someone took the time to jot the year, the names or the places on the back.

Please take note, learn the lesson here, if you have photos, printed or digital, take a few moments to help the generations to come by putting something about the people, place or time the photo was shot. Why did you take it? Who are these people in it, and how do they relate to you? What was going on at the time the photo was taken?

We snap snap snap, but so often forget to document what it is we were so taken by that we took the time to grab the camera and take a shot. Time passes so quickly, jot the memories you have as soon as possible so you'll remember next year, or the year after, or twenty years after why you took the photo you did.

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