Sunday, February 25, 2007

This picture just stuns me when I look at it. I loved my Grandma so much when I was a child. But she was 'old' lol, she must have been all of mid-sixties when I remember her the most. Old, seem's pretty young to me today!!!.

I love seeing my Dad here, he's the oldest on the right, and my Aunty Florence, wow she was beautiful even as a child, and of course Uncle Bill, my loveable Uncle Willy, I wonder if that little mind was already wondering how to be a stinker at such an early age?????

The journaling here reads:
I love this picture of my Grandma.
Here she is with my Dad, George,
my Aunty Florence and my Uncle Bill.
The back of the picture said Daddy was 4 years 8 months old, Aunty Flo 2 years, 8 months and Uncle Bill 1 year 2 months
I’m so glad she had written their ages so I could pinpoint the time.
This would have been taken in or around Los Angles California.
So many generations I see in these faces, brothers, nephews, neices, grandchildren of my own.

As I have said before and I'll say it again. Please write something about the pictures you take when you take them. Grandma, bless her heart, wrote the ages of these three on the back of this photo. It helped me pinpoint the time and place down to the month and year. So helpful. Years from now all these digital photos we snap so readily will be a quandry to the generations that follow us if we don't journal something about the why's and where's and who's of the picture. When my great-great- grandchildren look through my pictures I hope I learn enough to have left them some inkling of who it is and how they relate to them in my heritage to them.

Pictures are definetly worth a thousand words, and if we take just a little bit of time to add our own to them they will be worth a million!


Hummie said...

Great heritage layout! I love what you wrote about her being old mostly!

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Blythe said...

Ia gree, this is a great heritage LO. I love the simplicity of it.. too much and it could take away from the fabulousness (if that's evena word lol) of the photo. Wonderful journaling as well. Well Done!