Saturday, March 03, 2007

Here are four pages I created using Mary Ridgeways wonderful kit: Under The Sea
I've just started on Mary's Creative Team. She sells at Deco-Pages so be sure to check her kits out they are absolutely huge so you get more than your money's worth.

These pictures are all of Six Flags/Marineworld at Vallejio California. We went on a Company
Day and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

Shouka the Whale:
Paul’s work had a family day at Six Flags/Marineworld. We went just for something to do and because we’d never been there and ended up having a really fun day! We discovered that if we timed it just right we could get to see a lot of the free shows being offered, including this one of Shouka the Whale.. I was so excited when I got home and realized how great the pictures turned out!

Dolphin High Jinx!
I loved the Dolphins they are so marvelous. They put on such an act for everyone. I loved the way they had painted the backdrop to look like the ocean. It was soooo hot this day that we were both glad that we were under cover to enjoy the show!

Seal Cove
These guys are my all time favorite. I can remember when I was ten being at Pacific Ocean Park
and feeding the seals forever. With their dreamy big brown eyes who couldn’t love them? These put on quite a show for us even stopping for a little suntan on the rocks so I could snap just the right pose!

The ladder sign on the left was outside the baby hospital for the animals. I am so glad I snapped it because it was perfect for my page. The little guys by it were behind the glass trying to get well. The giraffes were a total shock, we were just walking around and POW here they were, so tall and beautiful, I could have stayed watching them forever.

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