Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Pout!

I did this page for the August Lets Talk About Challenge at Digitals where you were to try and use conversation within your page. I had just gotten this photo of Mom and talked to her yesterday about it so it seemed a perfect match.

Journaling Reads:
Momma is now 96. She recently took a ride to visit my Aunt Hulda and while their her nieces, Renie and Donna Lee, showed her vintage photos that they were scrapping. Momma looked at this picture and instantly said "I told them I didn't want my picture taken" so they "got a pout". Isn't it amazing what 90 plus years later the mind remembers?

Last evening while chatting on the phone I told her "I have this wonderful photo of you Renie sent me after you left yesterday". Her response, "Oh yes me sitting on the stoop, and my pout, well that's what they got". You gotta love her!

Momma has never like her picture taken. I have lots of side views, hands over face, downward casts but I didn't realize it went clear back to childhood. And I wonder why someone so pretty would not want their picture taken!

I used Maddy Fernandez's Treasure Chest another perfect match to go with Mom's picture. It's a great kit with lots of vintage items like these chests and rich warm browns. I love it.

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