Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Morning Walk

These little bunnies grace the houses around our neighborhood in the early hours of the morning. This guy must have figured I wasn't much of a threat because he sat around and let me shoot pictures of him.

The golf course is on the main road (Green Springs) it's only a block from our house. I wanted to walk over to the street that curves around the East end of the course up through the homes. It was uphill and my body was saying huff puff, what are you doing????? Next time maybe I'll make it all the way up the hill, but it was a new place, new sites, and just fun to look at the homes.

The hot air balloon I spotted on the way back. When you see the mountains behind the balloon that's actually the backdrop for Washington City. It's a direct line from our place to there. Looking the other direction, down the golf course, are the mountains on the other side that frame the backdrop for the golf course. If I could change anything about our house I would have a private backyard (ours is open on both sides to the neighbors) and I would have a view of the mountains, you can't see them from the house because of the houses around us. I'd love to see the sunsets and sunrises. If I wake up early enough tomorrow I'll head out a half hour sooner so I can catch the sunrise. They are beautiful here.

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Jennwhite said...

What a beautiful place - almost makes a city girl like me want to live there! Glad to hear you're walking - send me some of that motivation! I need to do that!