Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baking Cookies with Grandma

The girls had had a fund raiser earlier in the year, selling cookies for school. I ordered bucket from each but told them just to pick what they liked. Well they decided they liked sugar cookies and would get them and save them for when I came home to visit over Halloween. Time seemed to be really disappearing, as it always does when I'm home, but we managed to squeeze a couple hours out to bake the cookies.

Grandma, in her infinite wisdom, was busy putting frosting on the tops as they cooled when Mommy kindly informed her the girls could do it themsleves. LOL it's hard to give up control you know! Well I handed over spoon, frosting bowl and sprinkles and grabbed my camera instead. Great choice Grandma!

They did a super job decorating and I even managed to make it all the way home on the plane with a few cookies that were only slightly damaged. Let me assure you Paul didn't mind a few crumbs here and there and was happily mummbling how good they were. These are the memories that last a life time. One of the my girls, I think Amber, still has the Junior Cookbook I gave the kids eons ago when they were about Zoie's age. Fun times which pass way way toooooo quickly!!!

I used Beth Rimmer's Fruitcake Folly for Zoie's page and her More Fruitcake, Please - Embellies and Papers for Pypers. I just love the look of felt here, I thought these would make a good two pager for their books.

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