Sunday, January 04, 2009

Artsy Photo Masks

Utah in the Winter has been a new experience and nothing could top it more than this gorgeous sky that showed up the other night. I was busy at the computer and happened to look up, ran and grabbed the camera and shot some breath taking winter skies. Not long after that Beth asked if I had something to try her new Artsy Photo Masks with, I knew I had just the thing. When I applied the mask instantly this verse from the America the Beautiful came to mind. Wonderful how things just seem to fall into place sometimes!

This page also uses Across the Years Papers 10, 14 and 18 blended together. I'm getting to the point I rarely make a page anymore where I don't blend papers or apply masks. A New Year's resolution I made was to learn new things to add to my bag of tricks. It's just amazing though how much I've learned the past few years. For any of you just beginning with a graphics program my words of advice would be to just keep playing and playing. The more you play the more you discover, the more you discover the more you use over and over again. Which in turn leads to your comfort level. When you're comfortable with your program what once was hard and time consuming now you'll do without much thought. I'm especially fond of learning shortcuts, it's just so cool to know which keystrokes will make you zoom along faster. Geez what a fun hobby this is!

Mom has this little spot just as you park at her Apartment Complex and I've always loved the look of the path and Street Lamps. It's short!, just a few feet but taken at this angle it lets the imagination wander and feel like the path extends forever. So, don't be stopped by what you see when you take photos, instead take what the mind sees but isn't there. Amazing what Beth's photo masks do for an ordinary photo. The quote is my own, you're more than welcome to use it, I'd love if you'd credit me though.
This page also used Beth's Popsicle Toes paper 9 with a Photo Filter applied -

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