Friday, January 02, 2009

When I was home in November my sister was taking me to visit Mom. We were just leaving her driveway when we spotted dear up the road. So Carol took off to see if I could get some photos, which I did. The bonus was that I also got this magnificent photo of the Hawk here. I was so happy when I got the photos from the Camera to the pc, thank goodness for my Zoom lens! I'd never have another camera without one.

Journaling Reads
I saw him glide through the air and land on the branches in the trees in front of us.
As I struggled to get my camera into position I was sure he’d take off.
But no, he waited and watched eyes alert and taking me and the rest of the scene in.
He sat majestically upon those branches surveying the land around him.
Beautiful fierce beak and eyes, such a magical creature coming forward from generations before.
He posed, in all his glory, and allowed me to take these photos.
To you I bow oh powerful Hawk, you are a predator in your world, but such a munificent creature you are in mine.

I used two of Joyce deJong's new kits at Digitals - Magic World and Magic World Vol 2 . I always think of this stately bird as coming from the medieval time. Joyce's kits were so perfect they had just the right coloring to give my photo that kind of feel. I blended a couple together to get the right shading for the background and was happy with the outcome.

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