Friday, August 19, 2011

Who I Am

Journaling Reads:
Sometimes this is how I feel like I’m looking out at the world from the inside and no one sees the real me in here.  My life has evolved to the age of not knowing or sometimes caring what day or hour it is.  Our life is most times uncomplicated and easy, we roll with whatever each day brings and plan little.  My children have grown and the roles shifted to their shoulders instead of mine, I no longer have to worry about school hours, or homework or the agony of growing, a Grandma only has to smile and love.  I can do that.  We hop in the car and travel and see, me with the camera in hand and lens open to seeing the world about me with new vision, seeking beauty in just the everyday.  I cherish all this time I get to create, to play with pixels and paper.   How wonderful to start with a blank screen or bits of paper and bling and end up with something that makes me happy to share my creative side with those I love.
Life, it’s certainly changed, it’s gentler to me now, or perhaps I’m more gentle to myself at this stage of my life.
Here's what I used from the Cottage Arts Store:
Simply Friendship Pak - Paper 2 and 6 blended together, Mat 1 elongated (3 copies), key 2, string
Quirky Back to School Element Pak -  Quirky Tree, Word Art 1, Hanging Chain, Brick
Font - Constantia distressed with Grunge Paints 1 Brushes & Stamp Set
Natures Sketchbook  -Photo Art Blends 2 - Blend 07, placed over photo at multiply blend, added texture Weave 4 over photo and tree
Plum Haze Page Pak- Word Art Personable
As Time Goes By Page Pak- Word Art Glimpse Soul

Note: I posted this on my other blog A Soul's Heartbeat and hadn't realized until this morning the mix up.  Since there are comments there (on the original post) I'm posting it here where it belongs as well.

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