Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm on the Creative Team for Barb Speck and she just came out with this beautiful kit called Lilac and Lace (you can get it at Digiscrap Designers here - http://tinyurl.com/godbf ). I just loved the colors and when I ran across this card the other night I just knew I had a perfect match.

This card and the memories it evoked were really therapy for me. Sometimes, no matter how many years pass by you still long for past days you remember, people you shared times with, familar-unhurried-childhood times without the problems of the modern world and the stresses of adult life creeping in.

I wrote to Grandma in this, it just seemed the right way to do it. It came straight from my heart and I think perhaps that is how I will do a lot of my layouts going forward. Because it is these memories that I want to pass on to my Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. Memories of people they will only know in the stories that I pass on to them.

When I posted this in one of my galleries someone wrote how great I had found the card and had kept it all these years, but better still how great I had scrapped it so it could live on through generations to come. That's exactly what I felt.

The journaling reads:

There was no way you could have guessed all those many years ago how a simple card could touch my soul 50 years later. Probably when I was 7 or so you sent me this Birthday card and I always kept it because it made me think of you, I think it was the flowers that did it for me because of your love of Violets. Friends laugh at me because I cannot seem to part with things but when I look at this and see again the beautiful handwriting you always had I am again a little girl running to Grandmas after the dishes were done each night to play games and just be with you. I miss you, I love you, but in my heart you are always just a memory away.

Now I don't feel quite so bad that I've kept hold of things for so many years.

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Debbie Pearson said...

This is such a beautiful vintage layout, wonderfully done!