Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Rogue River - Using Masking

Joyce de Jonge has just released this new kit called Paint Your Picture which allows you to lay your photo over a choice of masks and 'clip' them together to get this painted effect here, I just love how easy it was and the results. Joyce sells at Digitals, please check her out!

Here's the journaling on my page, I dated it because years from now when hopefully my 3rd or 4th generations (or later) to follow me will get a little feel for the financial turmoil our country is in right now:

In the summer of 2005 after we finished visiting the family in Washington we spent a few days before returning home to Fresno in Grants Pass Oregon. Staying right on the river our balcony overlooked the Rogue and we could watch the jet boats as they headed down the River. We took this ride ourselves, a little disappointed that we couldn't enjoy the white water trip since the water that summer was too low. But the scenery, the water, the beauty was worth the ride. This little community captured out hearts, I loved it because it was the Pacific Northwest, just a little warmer than up north in Washington. Paul loved it because it had water and green like the New England of his youth. If we hadn't already purchased our 'retirement' home in Utah this would have been the spot we seriously considered. Now economic times are on the fritz and we may have to leave this idea as a dream instead of a reality at least until the world becomes a more settled place to live and our money once again is worth something.
Written 10-7-2008

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