Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brotherly Love

The newest in my Heritage Album, Brotherly Love. I spent the day scanning in old photos and found this great one of my brother and sister. I love to remember this story that I journaled on the page: Oh how I wish I had a picture of the day (teenage years) when Georgie fell at the foot of the stairs in front of Carol whithering around like he was having a seizure, when he knew she was close to tears (or maybe already there) he jumped up laughing, Yep that’s my big brother!

My brother is 9 years my senior, as a child he was this towering giant who made me quiver when he was around, as I grew older I saw the softer inside side that he doesn't show a lot. But he can still get me with this serious note to his voice and tell me some wild tale that I'm just about to believe until I see his eyebrow quiver. The one tell tale sign he's pulling my leg yet again!

This is made with Beth Rimmer's - It's Raining Men Collection at Digitals. I love these kits, they just put themselves together for you!
Check it out:

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