Friday, October 12, 2007

Hearst Castle Bedrooms

Journaling Reads:
We took Tour One since we’d never visited the castle before. This was Casa Grande which houses 38 bedrooms 41 bathrooms and has over 60,000 square feet. I loved the ornate ceiling in this one bedroom and the wonderful antiques. The whole place was absolutely amazing as was the guest list of who’s who that stayed in these very rooms, Winston Churchill, Lindberg, Greta Garbo to name just a few.

I also discovered that PS CS2 has a built in photo-merge. I'd probably heard about it before but there is just so much stuff to learn and glean that I was surprised and delighted when
I stumbled upon it doing this page. I had taken this photo in one of the bedrooms. I originally took the lower part of the room because I couldn't get an angle to get the whole thing. But then upon looking up was so taken with the ceiling that I decided I must have a photo of that as well. When I started to scrap them I discovered neither really showed enough of the other to show what I wanted. That's when I started looking for a filter or something and discovered the photo-merge. I opened photo-merge, the two photos, said go and here is the end result, pretty cool huh? I left the funny edges because it just added character to the page.

Joyce deJonge just created this great kit for Fall called Joyce's Fall Garden, sorry Joyce I did it again. I'm sure she didn't have this in mind but the colors of her papers are so rich that they were the perfect choice for these photos. I also took her lariats from her Joyce's Mini Elements. Now that was an absolutely perfect find. Great kits, I'm sure I'll be using lots of the other stuff in them. Check out Joyce's designs at Digitals you'll sure be glad you did.

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