Friday, October 05, 2007

First Day!

Journaling reads:
Here you are Pyper with Mommy holding your hand off to school
for your very first day of Kindergarten.
I love this look on your face, like “It’s ok I’m ready to go!”
What fun you’ll have now learning all these new things,
making friends and gathering a little more independence.
It’s hard to see you this big because right now you’re our baby
and we’d like to keep you that way for a little longer.
But, no matter what we want you’re ready, ready to learn all you can.
You’re such a smart little whip that I’m sure school will be a fun time for you.
I love to listen to you tell me all about your day when I call you on the phone because you sound so grown up for a five year old. Don’t change too fast little one, we aren't ready for it yet, even if you are!

I'm on Sue Jones CT team for the Digitals Store for the month of October. Wow I feel like a kid in the candy store! Sue does wonderful word art, which is something I really love to use. This one from her Children's Wordart which was perfect for this picture of Pyper. I really liked the shades of pink in her Tatiana Papers and Elements kits. These are all available at Digitals if you're interested.

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