Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Digital Scrapbooking Area at Action FX

The new Overlay section is now online in the members area at Action FX! If you aren't a member you should check it out. Al's site is an absolutely fabulous site for Photoshop resources. One yearly fee can buy you access to the WHOLE site! Brushes, actions, shapes, styles, video tutorials etc etc etc! (Besides the site check out his two Yahoo groups, he has a fabulous new scrapbooking Yahoo group and is always around to help with your questions or perhaps your scrapbooking wish list!)

There are 34 new 12x12 inch overlays, sized to match your digital scrapbooking pages. Multiple cloth patterns, lace and leather... plenty to choose from, add to your designs or manipulate as you see fit. Members can download them all immediately! Check out the examples on the main page:
- 34 Custom Overlays/Transparencies
- Multiple cloth and texture overlays
- 12 in x 12 in
- 300 PPI
- .PNG Format (zipped for easy download)
- Transparent Background

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Three Kids

My Brothers, George and Billy and my sister Carol.

Created with Michelle Shefveland and Doris Castle's Scrap Frames 2 - Michelle Shefveland, Julie Mead and Doris Castle Bountiful Blessings Page Pak both these are available at CottageArts.Net
The font is 2 Peas YoYo

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mom and Dad

More photos found and scanned this weekend. I love this photo of Mom and Dad together.
Journaling Reads:
Mom and Dad, had five children, one who passed early in life. They worked hard, in the early years raising pigs, chickens and cows. They had huge gardens to provide food for the year, milk and cream from the cows and chickens well I can still remember the block for the chickens demise in the back yard, icky! Hard working people who cared for their family with all they had and cared for each other with a special kind of love that lasted over 50 years.

Again everything here created with Beth Rimmer's It's Raining Men! Collection at Digitals.
Check it out here.

Brotherly Love

The newest in my Heritage Album, Brotherly Love. I spent the day scanning in old photos and found this great one of my brother and sister. I love to remember this story that I journaled on the page: Oh how I wish I had a picture of the day (teenage years) when Georgie fell at the foot of the stairs in front of Carol whithering around like he was having a seizure, when he knew she was close to tears (or maybe already there) he jumped up laughing, Yep that’s my big brother!

My brother is 9 years my senior, as a child he was this towering giant who made me quiver when he was around, as I grew older I saw the softer inside side that he doesn't show a lot. But he can still get me with this serious note to his voice and tell me some wild tale that I'm just about to believe until I see his eyebrow quiver. The one tell tale sign he's pulling my leg yet again!

This is made with Beth Rimmer's - It's Raining Men Collection at Digitals. I love these kits, they just put themselves together for you!
Check it out:

Quick Page - It's Raining Men! Freebie

I created this new Quick Page for
Beth Rimmer's new Collection -
It's Raining Men! available at Digitals.


She's kindly decided to offer it to you all for Free. Click here to get it. (If you have a moment I'd love to hear how you like the QP's!)

You might want to check out her newest addition to this Collection -
It's Raining Men! Backpack

Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's Raining Free QP's

Beth Rimmer from Digitals has created this marvelous kit called It's Raining Men! You can get this great QP I created for her FREE by clicking on the photo. Check out the rest of this kit, it's amazing!

It's Raining Men!

(leave a little love if you have a moment)

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I did this for the October Sketch Challenge at Digital Scrapn. I used Lori Giles new kit called Once Upon a Time.
I love working with Lori's things, she is just so artistic. This time I used one of her overlays, it was black and didn't work with the page, so I took this beautiful background paper she'd made that had some reds and greens in it and merged it with the overlay. Wow unbelievable effect. There is just so much you can do with PS I wish I knew it all, lol!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Freebie!

I made this QP for Beth Rimmer from her Rich Tapestry Memories kit available at Digitals. Beth is giving it away free to you here.

Check out the rest of Beth's store at Digitals to see some fantastic stuff to play with!

Hearst Castle Bedrooms

Journaling Reads:
We took Tour One since we’d never visited the castle before. This was Casa Grande which houses 38 bedrooms 41 bathrooms and has over 60,000 square feet. I loved the ornate ceiling in this one bedroom and the wonderful antiques. The whole place was absolutely amazing as was the guest list of who’s who that stayed in these very rooms, Winston Churchill, Lindberg, Greta Garbo to name just a few.

I also discovered that PS CS2 has a built in photo-merge. I'd probably heard about it before but there is just so much stuff to learn and glean that I was surprised and delighted when
I stumbled upon it doing this page. I had taken this photo in one of the bedrooms. I originally took the lower part of the room because I couldn't get an angle to get the whole thing. But then upon looking up was so taken with the ceiling that I decided I must have a photo of that as well. When I started to scrap them I discovered neither really showed enough of the other to show what I wanted. That's when I started looking for a filter or something and discovered the photo-merge. I opened photo-merge, the two photos, said go and here is the end result, pretty cool huh? I left the funny edges because it just added character to the page.

Joyce deJonge just created this great kit for Fall called Joyce's Fall Garden, sorry Joyce I did it again. I'm sure she didn't have this in mind but the colors of her papers are so rich that they were the perfect choice for these photos. I also took her lariats from her Joyce's Mini Elements. Now that was an absolutely perfect find. Great kits, I'm sure I'll be using lots of the other stuff in them. Check out Joyce's designs at Digitals you'll sure be glad you did.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rich Tapestry Memories - Free Quickpage

I made this Quickpage for Beth Rimmer to celebrate this wonderful new kit she's made -
Rich Tapestry Memories. If you'd like yours you may get it HERE

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Box of Crayons

I loved this Quote and it worked so great with this picture of the kids.

Don't you just love this kit? I was hunting for something that had crayons in it and stumbled across Kindergarten Kisses by Kathryn Estry at Digitals.
Perfect, perfect perfect.

Our Crayons

While walking in a toy store
The day before today,
I over heard a Crayon Box
With many things to say.

"I don't like red!" said Yellow.
And Green said, "Nor do I !
And no one here likes Orange,
But no one knows quite why."

"We are a box of crayons
that really doesn't get along,"
Said Blue to all the others.
"Something here is wrong!

Well, I bought that box of crayons
And took it home with me
And laid out all the crayons
So the crayons could all see

They watched me as I colored
With Red and Blue and Green
And Black and White and Orange
And every color in between

They watched as Green became the grass
And Blue became the sky.
The Yellow sun was shining bright
On White clouds drifting by.

Colors changing as they touched,
Becoming something new.
They watched me as I colored.
They watched till I was through.

And when I'd finally finished,
I began to walk away.
And as I did the Crayon box
Had something more to say........

"I do like Red !" said the Yellow
And Green said, "So do I !"
And Blue you are terrific!
So high up in the sky."

"We are a Box of Crayons
Each of us unique,
But when we get together
The picture is complete"

---- Unknown ---

Boys R Boys!

Loved this picture of my biggest boy and biggest grandson
scoffing down the s'mores.
Nothing like a little dirt, dust and leaves to make things yummy!

I wonder what Eddie thought was under the table,
or perhaps the perfect hiding spot or fantasy get away.
Wouldn't you love to peek inside
that little mind and know what's going on?
Well maybe not! lol

These pages are made with Michelle Shefveland's - Boys will be Boys ScrapOver Duo - at Cottage Arts

Friday, October 05, 2007

First Day!

Journaling reads:
Here you are Pyper with Mommy holding your hand off to school
for your very first day of Kindergarten.
I love this look on your face, like “It’s ok I’m ready to go!”
What fun you’ll have now learning all these new things,
making friends and gathering a little more independence.
It’s hard to see you this big because right now you’re our baby
and we’d like to keep you that way for a little longer.
But, no matter what we want you’re ready, ready to learn all you can.
You’re such a smart little whip that I’m sure school will be a fun time for you.
I love to listen to you tell me all about your day when I call you on the phone because you sound so grown up for a five year old. Don’t change too fast little one, we aren't ready for it yet, even if you are!

I'm on Sue Jones CT team for the Digitals Store for the month of October. Wow I feel like a kid in the candy store! Sue does wonderful word art, which is something I really love to use. This one from her Children's Wordart which was perfect for this picture of Pyper. I really liked the shades of pink in her Tatiana Papers and Elements kits. These are all available at Digitals if you're interested.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Soccer Babe

It was a little harder for you to get into the swing of things this year. After your sister had been hurt on the playground earlier this year you had the fear that perhaps you could hurt someone if you hit them with the ball. You shyed away from the ball and being forceful, but as the weeks have passed the momentum of the game has once again come to you. The fun of playing, the thrill of winning is now a big part of you again. It is good to hear the excitement in your voice, to have you 'want' to go. But most important it's good you see this as a 'game' as a fun time to be enjoyed by you and your teammates. Go girl! You're on the right track!!

I used Doris Castle's Go Team! PagePak w/Sports Card Scrap Overs at Cottage Arts

I learned how to do something new this time! I learned how to make a pattern. The photo I extracted Zoie from had the grass around her, I took a piece of it made it into a pattern then filled the Go Girl with it. Now if I can just remember how I did it for next time!

Monday, October 01, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten

This is Pyper on her first day of Kindergarten. I used Sweet Innocence by Doris Castle of Cottage Arts (both the page pak and the album pak)