Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bare Dimples

Journaling Reads:
Oh Eddie I remember when your Mommy and I took this picture you were just learning how to discover things and trying to reach out and ‘touch’. Mommy loved you in the bare and wanted a picture to remember all your little dimples. I’m sure the older you get the more you won't appreciate us snapping you in your birthday suit, but you have to admit you certainly were the cutest little ‘all natural’ baby boy.

Quote reads:
Dimples and toes,
That’s what you were
Little Eddie Spaghetti
We all love you so!

This is the page I made with my Gift from Heather Manning for being a Tailgater Party Winner at Hummie's Tailgate Party. This is Heather's My Teddy and Me which she sells at Digital

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Terry L. Odor said...

Ever notice nobody comments on your blogs?? Hahahahaha

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Terry Odor