Sunday, September 02, 2007

Grandma's Days

Last month I completed almost all of the Challenges at Digitals.
I've never been very good about doing very many of the store challenges around the digital world but since becoming more involved on the Digital stores CT team I've given it a go. What I learned was it made me step out of my comfort zone and try things differently. This is a real good thing, you tend to get 'set in your ways', lol. A little nudge in different directions is a good thing!

I did this page for the September Font Free4All Challenge. This is a super simple one this month, pick your favorite font(s), explain why you like them and where they can be gotten from.

I used Adorable and Angelina both from daFonts and both free downloads. BEWARE! if you've not visited a free font site before, grab that cup of coffee and get comfy, because you may be there a while. It's like a digital kid in a digital candy store.

I wanted to scrap a variety of photos of this period of my Grandma, again, as I've said before I was amazed to see my father's face reflected in this young version of Grandma. Perhaps I'm hiding in there somewhere, nope, I think I got her disposition instead, which some would say was good, others might tend to differ.

Notepaper reads: Photos of Elsie Ann Debus Coulter. Dates are from 1918-1919 and would have been in and around Los Angeles, California Top left photo is taken with sister Lillian.

I used Maddy Fernandez Funky Farmer kit again, I love the colors in this kit it works so well with this age of photos. It's a Digitals, check it out, if it doesn't suit what you need Maddy has a ton of others that will!

I played with one of the flourishes in Maddy's kit. The Photo Dividers were done by duplicating, flipping and merging Maddy's flourish, adding an Action FX style, duplicating again and changing one to horizontal and one to vertical and then resizing to fit. It's so fun to try something new this way and see how much more versatile you can make a kit, and how you can best fit it to your scrapping needs. Try it you'll like it! Just don't forget if you post it to a gallery or online group, note the changes and don't take credit for designing - remember to give credit where credit is due to the talented designer you got the kit from! (By posting your changes you not only note that what you've created is not what they will get in the kit but also give someone an idea or solution of how to accomplish what you've done.)

Oh yes the quote, appropriate I thought. My sister sends out Thoughts for Today to a multitude of people around the world. If you're interested on getting on the list email her at There is no spam just a wonderful little quote each day in your email to get you going. Today's was this quote, it came from a church billboard. So look everywhere, there is inspiration to be found where ever you are.


Doreen said...

Love your Layout's, beautiful work!

Monique said...

Beautiful layout, and great font choices! Have a great day!

Meg said...

A perfect LO. Last year i create a book for my mom´s 50.birthday.
It was very interesting to look into the past.


Bunny said...

OH wow! That layout is GORGEOUS!!!!

Hummie said...

Oh, this is a fabulous heritage layout! You should enter it in the Tailgate Party!

Hummie said...

Congratulations! You are today's winner!