Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Snowing in Southern Utah

Well not today but earlier this week it snowed all day! Make me feel like I was home, only thing is here it's the moutains that surround us that are covered with powdered snow the lowlands are clear, the best of both worlds. I had to take these photos those, Palm Trees are not suppose to have snow are they? I heard on the radio this morning that you'd best be getting the Palm blankets on, I thought they were joking. Lo and behold on my way home today what do I see but palms with blankets tucked securely around the top portion (the neck I would say) just under where the frongs start. I wonder what happens to all the rest of the poor little naked Palm necks out there in this cold weather, I sure hope they don't die, that's one of my favorite things to see around here. Here's a few shots I took around our neighborhood the other day. Of course being the idiot I am with a camera I had to walk down to the golf course just so I could show family and friends who've been here it really did have snow on it. It's like anywhere else though. You become accustomed to your surroundings and forget to see the beauty. I never realized how tall the hills are behind our housing development until they have this beautiful veil of white on them. As I was stopped at the stoplight on the way home the intersection was a perfect view of Best Buy and the shopping center, and there rising majestically behind their rooftops were these beautiful snowcaps, I just hadn't realized how close or how tall they are! When I got a little further you could see the ledges leading into Zion each line of rock dusted with poweder. How beautiful it is!!

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