Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Zoie got to pick where she wanted to go with her Aunt and Uncle for her Christmas present. She chose OMSI. Love the photo of her and her Uncle Bryan engrossed in whatever that is.

I used bunches of supplies from Cottage Arts, if you check my page out in their gallery the links to the supplies are there.

I used brushes, textures, blends and masking, again trying to get a little more comfortable with these effects.

Journaling reads:
For my Christmas present Aunty Amber and Uncle Bryan
gave me a gift, my choice of of a day with them.
I chose OMSI in Portland. It was super fun!
Afterwards we went to Red Robin and had lunch and then to
Michaels where I got to pick out a craft to do.
I had so much fun with them, I can’t wait until next Christmas.
I asked Aunty Amber if we could go have our nails done for my Birthday present.
It’s so fun hanging out just with them by myself!

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