Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sultry Siren

This is my Aunty Flo many years ago. Silvia Romeo came out with this beautiful kit called Bohemienne and it was just perfect for my photo.

The journaling reads:
Sultry Siren, I wonder if my Aunty would laugh at that description of her? But here she is a young Miss with her whole life before her. Did she dream of far away places or long for love and home? She grew to be a woman I respected and admired, someone to share my own girlish dreams with. So pretty with her long curls and stylish hat. Such a dramatic change from the pulled back knot of silver wisps she had in the late years of her life. Daddy and Uncle Willy always called her Dolly and somehow it fit she certainly was just that a lovely dolly, maybe more so than a Sultry Siren.

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Dianne Souza said...

I have a large print of this picture of my grandmother hanging in my dining room. Such a beautiful woman. I love the "Sultry Siren" journal comment:-D