Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reading with Gammy

Gammy will you read us a story?
Sure kids what would you like?
Pyper and Eddie snuggled up close and followed along with fingers on the words,
lips mimicking what Grandma was reading.
How soon you forget the simple joy of having little children.
Of having them come close to listen to your voice read from the page.
I’d forgotten this simple pleasure, it just made my heart swell,
gave me such a feeling of peace and contentment.
It’s wonderful,
reading the page and
having them so engrossed in what you are saying!

A new page with Eddie, Pyper and me taken in November. Cute little buggers aren't they? I used the same kit I did with Pyper's bowling page, Jen Maceyunas - Super-Dee-Dooper kit from Digitals.

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