Wednesday, January 30, 2008


If you're not a member of Action FX you are
missing out (Read below to see how
you can try it out for only $5.00)
Per Al's website:

01/30/08: Perhaps you have been considering a membership to ActionFx, but are unsure if it can help you in your work. Well, for the price of what some websites are charging for a SINGLE ACTION, I'm allowing FULL ACCESS to the ActionFx Members area.

$5.00 for one action? Forget that... how about $5.00 for access to OVER 104,500 Photoshop, Elements and Digital Scrapbooking downloads (including the new Ribbon/Bow action seen in the frame below).

No kidding... for 5 Bucks you get full access to the members download database. Every Action, Layer Style, Brush, Custom Shape, Video and other tutorials, Digital Scrapbooking Elements (Buttons, Embellishments, more)... How much do you think you can download in a day?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... Commercial Use is OK. ;-)

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