Thursday, January 24, 2008


My sissy isn't too keen on having her picture taken but when I saw this gem on my camera I knew I had to scrap it and what better time than close to Valentine's Day. She was only 15 when she met my brother-in-law. Since she's 10 years my senior I was only 5. I thought he was the sun and the moon, he was so cool! (He's still cool but I don't like to give him an ego so I try not to say it too often anymore)

The journaling reads:
You were just two young kids noticing one another
and a bond that pulled you together
that's how it started.
There to share secret
thoughts, hopes and ambitions
with one another with no fear of judgement.
Years have moved forward,
children born and raised
to start their own life's journeys.
Good times, bad times, tears and laughter
have all passed within your hearts.
But always your love has held steadfast
what a testament to
true love
you are.

I have Cottage Arts to thank for this wonderful stuff to play with.
Sweet Poises Page Pak w/Quick Page- and Glitter Bits 1 Element Pak

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erica922 said...

Love this page dear, the heart shape pic is so cute. Thank you for your comments on my book, I know is sad but I need some $$ for home stuff :(
thank you!!!