Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ATC - Artist Trading Cards

I participated in the Midnight Madness Crop at Digitals last night to learn about these fun ATC cards. What a kick! If you'd like to see more check out this gallery - ATC gallery! (Dont' miss the one labeled Beth for President!) I used freebies that Beth Rimmer gave out for the one on the left and stuff from her ATC Valentine kit for the right one. This is so fun. A suggestion was made to buy a deck of cards in a tin, make your ATC's (they are the same size as a playing card) laminate or glue them to the cards and give as gift. Now wouldn't my grandkids think it cool to get a tin of cards that had them on the front and stuff about them on the back............... hmmmmmm the creative thoughts flow once again!


5peasinapod said...

too cute! I love the love me one!!!

Jones said...

These are totally fun and look great!

Trish Richhart said...

These are adorable!