Wednesday, January 30, 2008


If you're not a member of Action FX you are
missing out (Read below to see how
you can try it out for only $5.00)
Per Al's website:

01/30/08: Perhaps you have been considering a membership to ActionFx, but are unsure if it can help you in your work. Well, for the price of what some websites are charging for a SINGLE ACTION, I'm allowing FULL ACCESS to the ActionFx Members area.

$5.00 for one action? Forget that... how about $5.00 for access to OVER 104,500 Photoshop, Elements and Digital Scrapbooking downloads (including the new Ribbon/Bow action seen in the frame below).

No kidding... for 5 Bucks you get full access to the members download database. Every Action, Layer Style, Brush, Custom Shape, Video and other tutorials, Digital Scrapbooking Elements (Buttons, Embellishments, more)... How much do you think you can download in a day?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... Commercial Use is OK. ;-)

Sunday, January 27, 2008



Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's Freebie Time!!!

I had the fun of creating this QP for you from
Beth Rimmer's new kit Surrender. I hope
you enjoy - hop on over to Beth's place
and pick it up free. (Leave a little love if you like it)

Get this Freebie at Beth's Blog Here
Buy her kit Surrender in the Digitals store Here

Here's a page I just completed using a take on the QP and Beth's kit. It was for the Me, My, Mine Challenge at Digitals this month. You were to do a page about you and your favorite color, and why it was. This was an easy one for me!

The journaing reads:

My favorite color, oh that's so easy, it's red, with no hesitation, no question. Why, easy enough, it makes me feel alive, it makes me feel happy, and sometimes it makes me feel naughty! My Momma, shown here in the photo on the left always has teased me when I've bought something red, asking me 'what I was up to!'. My Aunty Flo, she's the one on the lower bottom and the one with her arm around my Momma, always loved red. Momma has said she'd don it when she was feeling feisty in the young days of her marriage. My Aunty was my special person. That person who comes in your life and makes the sun shine on the most dreary of days. I loved her so and miss her so very much. The top photo is me, one of the ones I actually like in school. This was probably the age I was when I spent a few weeks in California with Aunty Flo and Uncle Vic. This time together cemented the affinity I felt with this woman. She left us much too soon, and a place in my heart cries for her and the missing part of my life she never got to share. The other part of me is so very happy I knew and loved her. And when I don red, I smile and inevitably think of this lady

Thursday, January 24, 2008


My sissy isn't too keen on having her picture taken but when I saw this gem on my camera I knew I had to scrap it and what better time than close to Valentine's Day. She was only 15 when she met my brother-in-law. Since she's 10 years my senior I was only 5. I thought he was the sun and the moon, he was so cool! (He's still cool but I don't like to give him an ego so I try not to say it too often anymore)

The journaling reads:
You were just two young kids noticing one another
and a bond that pulled you together
that's how it started.
There to share secret
thoughts, hopes and ambitions
with one another with no fear of judgement.
Years have moved forward,
children born and raised
to start their own life's journeys.
Good times, bad times, tears and laughter
have all passed within your hearts.
But always your love has held steadfast
what a testament to
true love
you are.

I have Cottage Arts to thank for this wonderful stuff to play with.
Sweet Poises Page Pak w/Quick Page- and Glitter Bits 1 Element Pak

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two New Heritage Pages

Great Grandparents:
I don't know why but I felt like this Psalm would fit them. In my mind and heart I felt they loved one another very deeply, whether this be fiction or truth I do not know. My Great Grandmother had four children, my Grandfather five. Grandma Eva died in 1905 and Grandpa remarried in 1908 and lived until 1939. Credit - Surrender - Beth Rimmer at Digitals

Mandy -
LOTD Digitals
This is Mandy Debus and her daughter Thelma (the one on the left in the rocking chair). I've always been fascinated by the photo of Mandy with her long hair. It's dated 1908. Mandy married my Great-Grandpa John in 1908 and I think Thelma was born in 1911, the same year Dad was born. Daddy is the one on the right in the chair next to Thelma. Grandma never had too kind of words to say about Mandy. I think though, looking at it from an adult perspective, losing your mother when you are 10, as Grandma had, made it hard for her to accept someone taking her Mother's place. Credit:
Lori Giles - Opera En Duex at Digital Scrapn

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Siletz Bay

Done for the Change It Up Challenge at Digitals - this month you were to incorporate a frame with your photo(s). This picture Angi took when they stayed in Lincoln City. This is one of my favorite spots maybe because it's right next to Mo's, lol. If you're not an Oregonian, or their neighbor, Mo's is famous for their clam chowder and seafood. Very homey and very yummy! Check it out if you're ever on the coast! I used a kit from Joyce deJonge Splender and it's accompanying Elements kit. These are at Digitals.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ATC - Artist Trading Cards

I participated in the Midnight Madness Crop at Digitals last night to learn about these fun ATC cards. What a kick! If you'd like to see more check out this gallery - ATC gallery! (Dont' miss the one labeled Beth for President!) I used freebies that Beth Rimmer gave out for the one on the left and stuff from her ATC Valentine kit for the right one. This is so fun. A suggestion was made to buy a deck of cards in a tin, make your ATC's (they are the same size as a playing card) laminate or glue them to the cards and give as gift. Now wouldn't my grandkids think it cool to get a tin of cards that had them on the front and stuff about them on the back............... hmmmmmm the creative thoughts flow once again!

From Our Heart to Yours - A QP Freebie

Beth Rimmer's done it again!
She's made this scrumptious kit called Surrender,
(The papers and elements are sold individually at Digitals)
Beth has allowed me to make this great
Quick Page just for all of you.
Hop on over to Beth's blog to pick up yours here

Sunday, January 13, 2008

All I Want For Christmas

Here's Eddie with the after school day care Santa, I'm sure he's just telling him all the stuff he'd like. I just love those dimples, what a cutie, I know Grandma's always say that but I've sure been blessed to have the cutest Grandkids around!

I did this page for another challenge this month at Digitals this time you were given the Ad shown here on the left and you were to create a page using it for inspiration. This is the first time I've joined in on this challenge and it was good, really got me thinking, which is a good thing, lol. If you'd like to play click on the add and it will take you to the Forum information.

I used Wrapped a kit designed by Joyce deJonge at Digitals. I love Joyce's stuff and really liked this background paper she created, it's bumpy and makes me think of snow. It had these wonderful folds on it but they just wouldn't work trying to do the Challenge so I eliminated them and used just the BG paper instead.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sow Kindness - for the Layout Laissez-Faire Contest at Digitals

This is the first time I've entered this contest, Layout Laissez-Faire at Digitals. Diana Burton hosts it, she gives you three sets of photos and you choose one or more and then create something. I used an action from PanosFX called B&Big Picture to make the photo into all the small photos. I love this action, it has so many steps I doubt I could ever create it on my own but to hit the button and watch it work is just plain magic. Best of all it's free! The kit is Dea Spina's After You, at Digitals. The word art is Sue Jones. Maybe this will be for my 'someday' table top book of just thoughts.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What Snow? Picked as LOTD at 3Scrapateers!

You girls are a kick, just give you a few flakes and you're begging for hats and gloves to head out.

Sticking your tongues out to grab a few flakes, dancing and prancing like there will be no end.

Tussling, scuffling, scampering around, isn't it neat how a flake here and a flake there can turn a Ho hum day into a whole new adventure?

Done with Winter Nights from ScrapKitty at Digtial Scrapn.

I got a notice this morning that this page was picked as LOTD at 3Scrapateers. Thank you 3S!

Go to ScrapKitty's blog today to see how to get this great Freebie Quickpage, made by yours truely.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Worn But Not Forgotten!

Another QP Freebie from Beth Rimmer's

"Worn but not Forgotten" kit at Digitals!

I love working with Beth's kits and this one is no exception. She's kindly offered this QP I made for her as a freebie to you, so snag it up right now and while you are at it snag the kit as well! Get the freebie on Beth's blog here.

Friday, January 04, 2008


I did this page for the January Sketchy Details Challenge at Digitals. I did decide to rotate the sketch and only use journaling on the one sideBut that's the beauty of using a sketch, it gives you fuel for ideas and allows you to change them to fit your need. Check it out.

Journaling reads:
What is it you see my little one that captures your attention so? Where does your mind wander to when you are so absorbed? Do you see imaginary lands and dragons of old? Or is it a spaceship headed off into the sky? No matter what has captured your attention on this day, it’s fine to be a little boy and just take time to play!

Kit is from Joyce deJonge at Digitals called Rough and Tough.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Express!

Journaling Reads:

The Express
Grandma Terry got tickets to the Polar Express train in Hood River Oregon for us. It was a rainy icky night and we ended up in the caboose. But you know, even though the sound wasn’t the best, and it wasn’t exactly what we had anticipated it was still a super time being the Johnson Family!!!

Created with Beth Rimmer's - Shake Yer BonBon! Embellies and Papers both at Digitals.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Learning Life's Lessons

These two pages go hand in hand.

The journaling on the bottom reads:
Mommy told Zoie and I we could make our own marble jars. We put our names on them and when we did our chores, did good things and behaved ourselves we got to put marbles in the jar. When we were bad we had to take them out :(

We had prizes, like tickets to see a show at the movies, money to buy crafts at the store, family things like getting to go bowling or play miniature golf, and when the marbles got big enough we could choose what our reward was. Sometimes Zoie and I could put our marbles together to get a bigger reward.

I love my Mommy and Daddy and I'm glad they let us do stuff like this!

I used Beth Rimmer's Shake Yer BonBon! Embellies and Pages for Pypers page on the botoom. Beth's kits are available at Digitals. (Rumor has it you may want to check back to see if there comes a Quickpage for you from this page hint hint hint).

A combo of kits from Cottage Arts created Zoie's on the top-
Weathered Delights Element Pak
Wherever You Go Element Pak
Wherever You Go Paper Pak